Feel good by any means possible. (Preferably thru easy methods than difficult ones.)

Choose to think and do things that feel good.

Choose to feel good no matter what happens or what doesn’t happen.

Choose to send thoughts of positivity (prosperity, prayers, good energy, appreciation, respect, admiration, love, joy, blessings, happiness, thanks, peace, good health) to everyone you meet and everyone you think of. Bathe everyone in divine love. (Don’t forget to include yourself also.)

Pretend (imagine, visualize) that everything is working out wonderfully for yourself and everyone else.

Choose Love no matter what. Choose Joy no matter what. Choose it for selfish reasons.

Joy is the key that unlocks your vault that contains all of your blessings.



I like to remember daily that it is my feelings that matter the most. My life materializes according to my feelings.

I also have a control over how I feel. I don’t have to wait for good circumstances to feel good. I feel good first and then the good circumstances arrive.

Feeling good means I am at a positive vibration. My daily goal is to feel good as soon as I wake up and then maintain those good feelings throughout the day.

It is a bit like surfing. Catch a wave and ride it as long as possible. Crash into the water, laugh it off, and go back out to catch another way. Maintaining high vibrations is a bit like that.

It is also possible to stay on the high flying vibrations all day long. Mastery. I aim for mastery but don’t worry if I don’t hit the mark all the time.

It is possible to be happy consistently throughout the day no matter what happens. Unconditional happiness. Choosing to think happy thoughts no matter the condition. Hope. Optimism. Faith. Belief. Unconditional love. Choosing to think loving thoughts no matter what happens.

This is like the free throw percentage in basketball. Ideally I’d like 100% high vibration 100% of the time, and I will aim for that, but even 80% is great.

In the beginning though, even 10% is better than 0%. That’s how we start.

It is a science and it is an art. It takes practice and persistence.

Then it becomes a fun game. How can I choose to feel happy in this tough condition? How can I choose to feel love in this challenging situation?

The game of life is a game of managing vibrations. And vibrations are recognized thru feelings. The person who has mastered how they choose to feel has mastered the game of life!



Love this talk. I wanna share my understanding and interpretation with you.

Questioner lost his job a year and a half ago. He has sent hundreds of resumes in a determined fashion, yet no job.

Now he knows what he wants to do with his life. The only missing ingredient is the money to do it.

So Abraham jokes that the only missing thing to his path of happiness and fulfillment is money. Now he needs to find the path to the money.

If he needs money in order to do the thing he wants to do in order to be happy, he will be looking for that his whole life.

The easier path is to feel happy first and then let the money and jobs and whatnot come after.

Simply said, his only work is to “get on the high flying disc.” This means, the only work is to “get in the vortex” – which translated means the first 4 vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Feel happy right now by any means and then sustain that and the path will unfold to him in the form of inspired ideas and solutions.

Be happy first. Don’t look to get the job or the money in order to be happy.

And any action taken while unhappy will yield low results. Sending 100s of resumes while feeling frustration or lack yielded him with no jobs.

He can use that same determination to focus on feeling happy every day. Inspired action taken from a happy emotional place yields tremendous results.

That is what I got out of this wonderful talk.



Love love love this talk that I found last nite.

Let me “translate” it using my words and understanding of what Abraham Hicks is saying here.

Questioner is pondering which job to take. She is a prosecuting lawyer. She wonders which job will help her maintain her alignment. Can she be in alignment as she represents the government in cases against people and potential criminals.

Abraham mentions that the job you choose does not matter, you can learn to be in alignment no matter the circumstances. This is a Step 4 question, they say.

This is how I understand the steps.

Step 1: You experience contrast (variety, some wanted some unwanted). At this point, you are not “in the vortex.” You are at the lower emotions on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale. The Vortex consists of the first 4 emotional vibrations.

Step 2: Source answers immediately as you experience unwanted. Source becomes the wanted aspect of that. Ask and it is Given immediately, vibrationally in the spirit realm (nonphysical reality).

Step 3: To get the solution physically, in this physical reality, we have to be a vibrational (emotional) match. The key that unlocks your treasure chest full of manifestations is Feelings.

You must raise your emotions (vibrations) in whatever way that works for you to get “into the vortex,” into the first 4 vibrations on Abraham’s scale.

In simple terms, you must become happy and joyful and thankful and appreciative and loving in whatever way possible. You must be positive and have faith.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation, Belief

Those vibrations are “in the vortex”.

Once you are in the vortex, manifestations come to you in the form of positive feelings, inspired ideas, hunches, gut feelings, guidance, synchronicities, and so on that lead you to the physical manifestations.

Step 4: This is about maintaining your high vibrations consistently, regularly, most of the time. It is like flying. Fly more of the time in the high vibrations. Stay in the vortex as much as possible.

Figuring out ways to maintain your good feelings and staying in the vortex while encountering various life circumstances is step 4.

Practicing Unconditional Love. Feeling Appreciation no matter what is happening. Looking for the good in all scenarios. Knowing there is a solution to all challenges. Practicing ways to be more Joyful throughout the day.

This Step 4 isn’t relying on physical manifestations in order to stay Happy. You don’t need to get things every day in order to be Joyful. You are a Happy and Joyful being by default. That is a choice.

You practice and send out good vibrations no matter what is happening, wanted or unwanted.

Thus Abraham is saying that one who understands step 4, which is to stay Happy no matter what, can work anywhere and practice alignment. It is not the right job that makes them happy, they are happy first and then happy still at the job they are at right now.

The goal is to practice unconditional happiness. It is an art and a science and a skill.

You don’t need to get the parking spot up front to be happy, you are happy no matter where you park because your mind is focused on happy thoughts.

Step 5: This isn’t mentioned in the video but it is simply the same as Step 1. At some point, you may get knocked down emotionally out of the vortex and maybe even very low on the emotional scale.

That is ok and to be expected. But now you know how to get back up to the higher vibrations and you will do that.

As a reminder, how do we raise vibrations (emotions)?

Meditate. Either regular meditation or Abraham’s Vortex Meditations.

Think thoughts that feel good (appreciate, count blessings, be thankful, look for the positives, remember happy memories, imagine happy scenarios).

Music that makes you feel good.

Do other things that make you happy. Be around people that are uplifting. Consume uplifting content.

Avoid all things that lower your vibration until you get in the vortex. And then practice feeling good no matter the condition thru one of the Abraham processes (ie: Focus Wheel) or something like EFT (which to me is just a Focus Wheel while tapping).



I love this talk and have listened to it dozens of times to understand what was being taught.

Let me offer my interpretation and understanding of this question and answer. (I think I wrote about this talk before but this is my newest understanding.)

Questioner is wondering how sitting at home and thinking about money, but doing nothing, will bring money. The only ways to get money are to steal it from someone or to provide value for which people will pay for.

Some preliminaries.

He says: thought stimulates vibrations, which stimulates emotion.

Abraham says that thought is vibration.

(And we know that emotions are also vibration. Emotion indicates which vibration you are currently offering, out of the 22 different vibrational levels Abraham teaches about. Everything is technically vibration.)

A practiced thought is your point of attraction and that vibration becomes your reality after a while. The emphasis is on the vibration.

(We can use the word “emotion” as a substitute for “vibration” since feelings are a much more noticeable form of vibration.)

Questioner says: Abraham teaches that creation requires no action and the evidence will reveal itself.

Questioner: Most people would like enough passive income every month to pay for their survival so that they can feel free to express themselves creatively and fulfill their deepest desires.

How can people get this money if they take no action and just sit on the couch visualizing money? You can only get money by stealing it or providing value to other people.

Abraham’s answer is this, interpreted by me.

The creation is already done.

This means the creation is already done vibrationally, in the nonphysical reality, and stored for you in your “vortex of creation”.

Just by living life and encountering a variety of situations, some that you like and some that you don’t like, your spiritual counterpart (inner being) created what you like and became it automatically.

Creation is an automatic process. The job you want, the mate you want, the money you want, all of that has already been created vibrationally.

The way to get what you want is to feel good emotionally by any means (meditation, appreciation, positive thoughts that feel good, having fun, and so on). Feeling good is how you “allow” what you already created vibrationally (nonphysically).

Meaning, you get what you want by being at the high vibrations, known as the vortex, which are the first four vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Once you reach there consistently, you will get inspired thoughts, inspired ideas. Things you fill feel excited to do. Things that seem fun to do. Ideas that feel awesome. This is your inner being (spiritual self) leading you towards what you want, like a gps signal.

It is like a game of hot or cold. Good feelings indicate you are getting closer to what you want and bad feelings indicate you are moving farther away from your desires.

Inspired ideas are high vibratory. Inspiration is high vibration. Intuition is high vibration. Excitement is high vibration. Passion is high vibration.

So when you sit at home and think and feel like you have money, or think and feel good in general, that is work. That counts as action. Focusing takes effort. Focusing is action.

For example, Jeff Bezos created (allowed) the business of Amazon by thinking, focusing, and then taking inspired action. Some action may have been uninspired but success at that high level requires high vibration and following gut feelings and hunches.

“Passive income” usually means you are doing something you may not like in order to make money to do other things that you do like. The person is looking for a “set it and forget it” type of income stream.

Some passive income comes thru inspired action too, like with investments, creating content (royalties from books, videos, audio, etc), and so on.

But in this questioner’s case, it seems he just wants money to flow in somehow so that he can do other things that are more fun.

Abraham mentions that it is when you do fun things that money does flow in easily. Fun = high vibration. Inspired creative ideas = high vibration.

When you get inspired ideas, you won’t feel like sitting at home thinking. You will be super busy doing fun and interesting things. And this action will be so fun that you look forward to doing it more and more.

Like Michael Jordan with basketball, Jeff Bezos with Amazon, Warren Buffett with Berkshire, and so on. Or the local school teacher who loves teaching kids. The nurse who loves helping her patients. The painter who loves to paint. Authors who love to write. The scientists who love their work and make medical breakthroughs.

So I thought of a couple things people can do.

Uninspired action to make money the hard way. This will feel tiring and like hard work.

Inspired action to allow money the easy way. This will feel energizing and like a fun game.

By definition, high vibration should allow in more money, along with all other forms of abundance (health, and relationships too).

So what we are seeking in our thinking and focusing, “while sitting at home on the couch”, is to raise our vibration and be the receiver of guidance. Be the receiver of the solution. Be the receiver of inspiration. Then take that action that feels best.

Alignment first, then action.

Getting into alignment counts as action and work. The top successful people are taking aligned action. They think, focus, and concentrate really well.



Oh, I also wanted to share this tool with you.

I picked up The Butterfly Meditation by Master Chunyi Lin a while back. He is the founder of Spring Forest Qigong. You can find the meditation audio on their website.

This meditation is around 35 mins long I believe. (There are also similar meditations available of youtube for free as well.)

Using Abraham Hicks terminology, this is a guided visualization healing meditation to heal your body. But rather than thinking of it as a healing meditation, think of it as a meditation to get you into the vortex instead. This can be seen as a tool or a process to simply make you relaxed and feel better.

Just like the “Physical Vortex Meditation” that Abraham provides, the Butterfly Meditation can be used a similar way. Whenever you worry about your health condition and it lowers your emotions, use either tool to feel as ease and to feel relief.

A shift in emotions are what we are after, not a spontaneous healing or disappearance of an ailment. A shift in emotions indicates a shift in vibration and thus positive solutions will flow into your life in the future.

This meditation isn’t mandatory to have but for those that like this kinda stuff, it is a nice tool to have to add variety to your practices. I like this one better than Small Universe Meditation and Inner Smile Meditation, as taught by Qigong teachers and better than Twin Hearts Meditation as taught by Pranic Healing modality.



I wanna share with you my current understanding on how to use these meditations.

The Vortex meditations comes with a user guide, a brief introduction audio by Jerry Hicks, and then 4 different meditations by Abraham as spoken thru Esther Hicks.

The categories are General Wellbeing, Physical Health, Financial, and Relationships. Thus this covers all major areas of life. Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

The purpose of the meditation isn’t to manifest a healing right now or tomorrow or to get a check for $100,000 dollars by next week.

The purpose of the meditation is to “get into the vortex.” This is an analogy for feeling good. This is an analogy for being at the higher vibrations. (Emotions and vibrations are the same thing. Your current emotions indicate your current vibration.)

The Vortex is an analogy for the nonphysical vibrational place where your inner being (soul, spirit, source) hangs out at and where all of your desires already exist. Abraham explains it as a swirling kind of thing that looks like an energy vortex, kinda like the spiral of the galaxy. There is an image of the vortex on the cover of their Vortex book and I believe on the cover of their meditation cd also.

It is a vibrational place. It is an emotional place. We are talking about feelings. As I have mentioned many times, the Vortex is simply the first 4 emotional vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale as mentioned in their book Ask and It is Given. You can also just simply google the scale to seen it.

At this moment, most likely some topic is making you feel bad. Maybe it is health or wealth or relationship related. This subject, or many different subjects, are making you feel bad on a consistent basis. “It is keeping you out of the vortex.” It is keeping you from feeling good.

By default, if you meditate, you will raise your vibration (get into the vortex) as Abraham says. Music that you like will get you in the higher vibrations. Breathing slow and deep can get you there too. Counting your breaths can get you there too. All of these are distractions from your worries. When you stop thinking about what worries you, your vibration naturally rises. Meditation is a way of distraction and to stop thinking. Positive thinking done properly can also raises your vibrations and can make you feel better emotionally.

So depending on which subject is bothering you, you can select that individual meditation from Abraham’s selection. The meditations combine breathing, music, counting breaths, distraction, positive thoughts, and silence.

If the topic of Health is worrying you and making you feel bad, listen to that one. It is only 15 minutes. Breathe in and breathe out to the rhythm of the music and the instructions given while you listen softly to Abraham’s positive affirmations. Most likely after 15 mins, you will feel better. If you want to listen to it again, go ahead.

After the meditation, don’t start thinking the old worrisome thoughts again! Think positively about any subject, it doesn’t have to be about health. Or just chill out and listen to good music or take a nap or watch a funny show or hang out with happy people, or work on some hobbies, or take care of other tasks. Continue to feel good though by either thinking positively or using positive distractions.

As you continue to feel good emotionally, you will eventually get inspired ideas on what to do next. Solutions will come to you. Don’t go looking for them and stress out, they will naturally come to you at the right time.

If the subject of Money is worrying you, listen to the Financial meditation. If people are the thing that is bothering you, listen to the Relationship meditation. Then there is the General Wellbeing meditation that is sort of all purpose.

The purpose is a shift in your emotions, not to manifest something right now. The only manifestation you are after is feeling better than you did before you started. To feel relief, calm, and at ease. Then go with the flow and if an inspired solution comes to you that feels good, try it out.

Once you are in the vortex, meaning high emotional vibrations, you can get much clearer guidance from your inner being (spirit, soul, god, intuition). And your body, relationships, and finances benefit when you are feeling happy more consistently.

Whatever process or method that makes you feel better is a good process. The Vortex Meditation is a tool, like EFT, regular meditation, music, stand up comedy, a good therapist, exercise, massage, qigong, going out in nature, listening to inspirational talks, hypnosis cds, binaural beats, etc.

The goal is to feel better emotionally and this tool by Abraham Hicks certainly works for me and is quite easy to use.



Don’t change the situation, change how you feel about the situation.

Maintain high vibrations regardless of what is happening right now.

The point of power is in the present moment, as Abraham Hicks says. Meaning, all the power is in the current now moment. The thoughts and feelings you emanate right now is all that matters.

Circumstances don’t matter as Bashar teaches. Your state of being matters. Your state of being materializes things.

So change how you feel right now and the next now and the next now until you fall asleep. Then do it again as soon as you wake up tomorrow.

Forget the current circumstances because they materialized from past states of being. The current reality materialized due to past vibrations (thoughts & feelings).

Feelings are the only thing that matters. Choose to feel good right now in the easiest way possible and keep that up.



I have heard Abraham-Hicks talk about Beliefs and Desires a million times!

When your Belief and Desire are a match, your manifestation must show up, they say.

Just what does that mean? I wondered.

Ok, here is my newest understanding of this. I think this is really simple.

Desire, by Abraham’s definition, is always positive, always feels good, and always “in the vortex.” Meaning, Desires are high vibration.

When someone wants a new car, the vibration of that is emotional. They want safety, security, fun, joy, happiness, ease of transport, and things like that.

Same thing when someone wants money, a new home, or a mate.

Every Desire is a wanted thing. Wanted things are in the vortex. The vortex is vibrational. Vibrations can be interpreted as emotions. The first 4 emotional levels on Abraham’s guidance scale consist of the vortex.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation/Belief

We don’t have to think of a Desire, it already exists, according to Abraham. Since everything is vibrational (emotional), it exists.

A new car shows up in your life at the right time when you are feeling happy. Every time you feel happy, a new car will not show up – because that would make no sense. A new car wouldn’t come if you just bought a new car. That also is pointless, though you can always buy a new car and have multiple cars as you wish.

But a new car will come exactly when you need it. How will it come? Thru resources, thru inspired ideas, and inspired action. If you don’t have a new car now but want one, and you do not buy one, it is because you do not have the resources (money) for it.

You do not have resources because you have been hanging out in the lower vibrations too long.

So as you practice high vibrations (high emotions) for a while, resources come to you as you need it. A new job. A raise. Winnings. Credits. Refunds. Someone giving you a car. Or some idea to earn more money. And so on.

Inspired solutions exist at the high vibrations.

All desires exist vibrationally, so we don’t need to work on that.

Let’s talk about Beliefs.

Beliefs are Thoughts as Abraham says.

And Beliefs & Thoughts are Vibrations.

Emotions indicate vibration. Thus, Emotions are Vibrations.

So we can conclude that Thoughts = Beliefs = Emotions = Vibrations.

So the vibration of our Belief can be found out by the way we feel right now.

We don’t need to think of a new car necessarily to get a new car. Most people wishing for a new car just want the money to buy a new car.

Money is also a Desire that exists at the top vibrations.

With all that said, we can get everything we want by just feeling happy and joyful and appreciative about anything. It is the feeling we are after. The feeling unlocks the resources. The feeling unlocks the vault. The feeling opens the door.

So that is why if you feel happy while petting your cat, you can get your new car. Because while you are happy, law of attraction brings you more happy thoughts and ideas and circumstances. If you feel happy long enough, all the solutions you want will come to you one by one.

You don’t have to think of your new car and then feel happy. Just feel happy by any easy means. Just be on the high vibration by any easy means.

At the high vibrations, you will have easy modes of transport and resources to buy a new car if that is what you are after. When will that happen? No idea, but it will happen at the right time.

Your specific manifestations will also differ from other people because your manifestations will match exactly what you need thru the life you have lived thus far. A happy person living in the Amazon jungle will get different manifestations than a happy person working at an Amazon warehouse.

Not every human being will become a billionaire thru law of attraction, in other words.

But every human being can be happy inside and allow their specific desires to come to them in the path of least resistance and in accordance with the laws of this physical reality. I don’t think your roof will open up and gold coins will rain down on you but you may get an idea to start a business or find the right job that matches you right now with the right pay.

Every human being has the resources to practice high vibrations right now if they wish and if they know how.

Meditate and think good-feeling thoughts. Listen to happy music if it is available. Chant mantras if that is your thing. Take naps when tired. Do things you love as often as possible. Pay attention to inspired ideas and take inspired action. Pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the day and do your best to raise your emotions. Every time your emotion dips, stop what you are doing. Do your best to feel better again.

That’s it. Super simple! That is how you match your Belief with your Desire – by feeling good in the easiest possible way for you. Your Desire feels good. You must also feel good.



I want to take another crack at this favorite clip of mine. I posted about this before but I believe I have a new understanding of it.


Questioner wants to go to Seattle. He lists various good qualities about Seattle. Fresh air, mountains, hiking, rivers, and so on.

But he is feeling, the key vibrational words are, doubt and “fear.” Both of those are low vibrations and “outside the vortex.”

Abraham says that what is not wanted is more active in his vibration, otherwise he’d be there already.

It’s easy to go to Seattle, just pack up and drive there. He must be comparing the negative qualities here with there and thus here is more active in his vibration. Maybe he is thinking more about all the unwanted qualities about here.

Then it turns out he is thinking of a guy in Seattle. The topic shifts.

It’s not really about Seattle he is talking about, it is the topic of relationships.

He is scared to move to Seattle to meet this guy, hoping he is the one for him and hoping that the guy likes him back, I assume. He saw the guy somewhere, after being apart many years, and felt that he is the one for him.

In the past, I thought the goal was for him to be in Seattle or for him to get the guy. That is more manifestation-focused.

Now I realize that Abraham is all about emotion-focused. Abraham is vibration-focused. (Vibration and emotion are the same thing.)

The goal is to be happy. The goal is to be in the vortex. The goal is to feel good emotionally. That is all Abraham ever teaches, from my point of view. (The Vortex is the first four vibrations on Abraham’s emotional scale.)

The goal isn’t to get things to be happy. The goal isn’t to go and meet the guy to be happy. The goal is just to be happy first and let things that match that vibration come to us.

He believes if he moves to Seattle and everything works out with this guy, he will feel a certain way emotionally.

Right now, it is clear that he does not feel like that.

Thus the topic of “relationship” is keeping him “out of the vortex.”

He could get in the vortex by meditating, appreciating, listening to music or a number of other ways. But the idea of a happy relationship comes into his mind frequently, it seems, and it is keeping him outside of the vortex.

So Abraham speaks some emotional words about the topic of relationship that he wants. As he focused on those words and the emotions that those words evoke, his feelings raise and he feels happier. This is reflected by the changed look on his face and the tears in his eyes from joy. His vibration has raised and now he is in the vortex.

The goal always is to be in the vortex, no matter what. The goal is to feel good emotionally.

Now moving forward, the topic of relationships will have a positive feeling for him, if he practices how he wants to feel as they just did in the workshop.

As he is more happy and joyful throughout the days and the topic of relationships no longer pulls his vibrations down, the right relationship must flow into his life at the right time. And this time there will be no confusion or doubt or fear when that happens. It will feel inspired and like the next logical step.

From inside the vortex, inspiration and guidance are much clearer to hear. It will feel like “sureness” and “certainty” and “confidence.”

The relationship doesn’t have to come today or next week for him to feel happy.

Though if he consistently feels happy, the right relationship and everything else he desires must come to him, one by one, at the right time.

And they come to him as inspired ideas and thoughts, people showing up in his life, and “synchronicities.”