It is all about brainwashing. And brainwashing requires repeated sessions!

Repeated thoughts = beliefs.

New repeated thoughts = new beliefs = brainwashing.

New repeated positive thoughts = positive brainwashing.

That is basically what positive affirmations and positive thinking is all about. Self positive brain washing.

And that is what law of attraction and deliberate thinking is all about. Think good on purpose and feel good on purpose.

The idea is to use positive brainwashing to turn the subject of “exercise” into something that feels good and something desirable and something we really really really want to do and look forward to doing.

That is certainly possible as there are many folks who love to workout. We are gonna think and feel like them.

We start as a beginner though because pro exercisers have strong momentum by the time they are slabbed up. Beginner’s need beginner momentum and that requires beginner thoughts and beginner actions.

Turn exercise into fun that matches your fitness level. Turn exercise into a fun game. Light hearted. Joyful. Simple. Repetitive. Consistent.

The best reason I have found to exercise is not to build muscles or burn fat or burn calories or lose weight. To me, those are side effects that come later in the future automatically.

The immediate reward is that it makes me feel good for the rest of the day. And feeling good is priceless. That is the entire point of my life and the entire point of every desire. I want things because I think I will feel good when I get it. The entire law of attraction, as Abraham Hicks teaches it, is to reverse that process. Feel good first. And then let things that match my good feelings come when they come. Enjoy the whole journey.

There are many ways to feel good. Meditation. Positive thinking that feels good. Music. Nature.

Exercise is one of those sure-fire ways to feel good, when done correctly. Exercise the right way for you, not too much, not too little. The right types of exercise that feel fun and joyful.

Being at the high vibrations is now my main reason to exercise. I will do whatever it takes to feel alignment. So now I look forward to moving my body in fun ways every single day. As a side effect, my body becomes stronger, flexible, supple, trim, lean, healthier, and more youthful everyday.



Today’s morning cardio! Done deal. Did about 12 mins of this one to get the heart pumping and break a sweat.

More workouts lined up for rest of the day.

I finished last nite with a ddp yoga session, which was the forth workout of the day. Simple, easy, fun, light-hearted beginner workouts. Every minute counts and every movement counts.



First, I wrote out all the reasons I don’t exercise or don’t want to exercise. Then I found solutions to each of those objections. I blogged about this a couple days ago.

Then I wrote a new script that I read frequently. You could call this “affirmations”, “positive thoughts”, or “a new belief”. It’s all the same thing.

All of these thoughts came from an inspired place when I was feeling really good (in the vortex). They are specifically applicable to me and feels really good to me. It may help you or it may not. Maybe my script will be good for you or it will inspire you to create your own.

I read it mentally. Sometimes I read it out loud. Sometimes I tap (eft) while reading it. I am installing a new belief system (new script) about exercise to replace my old belief system (old script).

Belief = thoughts I keep thinking, according to Abe Hicks.

A good belief feels good. A bad belief feels bad. Feelings indicate vibration. Good feelings = high vibration. Bad feelings = low vibration. Thus I want to think in a way that makes the subject of “exercise” feel good to me.

I want to feel good when thinking of exercise. I want to feel good while exercising. I want to feel good after exercise. And I want to feel good about exercising again tomorrow.

This is possible as I did this about 11 or 12 days ago.

First day of exercise was like climbing a mountain but it has been easier and more enjoyable since then. I am finding more and more fun exercise options on youtube because now inspired ideas are flowing to me since my vibration around exercise has shifted to the positive.

I care about exercise because I want a great feeling body and I want to be fit, strong, and slabbed up more than anything else in the world. It is a strong desire I have had for decades. Your desires may vary.

You can reword or rework the script to fit your personality and needs.


Exercise Positive Thoughts.

  1. I like the idea of exercising regularly.
  2. Having a fit buff body is one of my all time desires.
  3. I like the idea of being slabbed up.
  4. Exercise helps me get that slabbed up body.
  5. I want exercise to be fun.
  6. I want exercise to be enjoyable.
  7. I want exercise to be rewarding.
  8. I want to be a person who exercises regularly and enjoys it.
  9. I like to be a person who makes time for exercise.
  10. I like being able to exercise anywhere, anytime, easily.
  11. I like being a strong-willed person who exercises regularly.
  12. I like the feeling I get after I exercise.
  13. I like how exercise gets me in the vortex and feeling oh so good!
  14. I love feeling accomplished after I exercise.
  15. I love feeling confident after I exercise.
  16. I know that feeling good like that brings me more things that match that good feeling.
  17. Law of attraction brings me more of how I feel!
  18. Exercise is a surefire way to feel good and happy and confident and accomplished.
  19. Exercise is the gateway to get everything else that I want.
  20. That is the true motivation to exercise, because it makes me feel good and then I get everything else that I want too!
  21. I can surely exercise regularly then.
  22. As a bonus side effect, I get slabbed up too!


Love this one! Fastest 15 minutes. Done deal. Let’s go!!!



In sight, in mind.

This exercise tracker helps to keep the idea of exercise and the reasons to exercise on my mind.

It helps me “win” the day when I put an X after exercising. The vibration around exercise thus becomes something fun and victorious.

I also have rewards on there as added incentives and motivation.

My motivation is not to lose weight, burn calories, build muscle, or to trim my waist. All those things will happen naturally as a side effect of me exercising regularly.

My motivation is to feel good for today. Feeling good means I am on a high vibration.

Exercising is a surefire way for me to feel good, especially the way I do it now. I only do fun exercises. I only do short time periods. I keep it simple. I pair my exercises with content that I love. Different exercises require different types of content pairing.

And it raises my vibration (makes me feel good) to put an X on the calendar and to see the calendar fill up.

I hope this calendar gives you ideas and inspiration on how to tailor exercise to suit your specific needs and wants.



15 minutes following along to this walking workout and then 11 minutes of neck stretches and back stretches that I learned from the chiro.

The momentum has definitely picked up and my vibration (emotion) around exercise is one of eagerness, enthusiasm, happiness, joy, and so on. In other words, the subject of exercise has become high vibrational for me, which is huge!

I look forward to it. I enjoy while doing it. I have fun with it. And I feel great afterwards. The whole ride is high vibrational.

This week, I rewarded myself and my wonderful body with a 60 minute deep tissue massage, mainly focused on the neck and back.

I also treated myself to some sugar free candy as well. I eat what I want anyways, and what I want to eat has definitely changed over the months, but the idea of sugar free candy really felt inspired this week.

If I want sugar, I eat sugar. If I want no sugar, then I skip it. If I want sugar free with sugar alcohol, then I choose that. It’s all good for me now.

Weight loss (diet) and exercise has become a fun game. Both subjects are high vibrational for me now.

I bought brach’s sugar free gummies and sugar free jolly ranchers from Amazon yesterday. The gummies are especially good.

I never pay attention to the ingredient list now, for the most part, though I avoid foods that do not agree with my body.



There are many types healing visualizations that one can do.

This one is a Tibetan Buddhist self-healing meditation using Medicine Buddha. I am a big fan of The Medicine Buddha and often chant his mantra.

A few years ago when I had some health challenges, I called upon this Buddha as an experiment, since he is known as the original doctor and original healer. I wanted to see the effects from personal experience.

Everything works if one believes that it works. Medicine Buddha is no different. If I believe sincerely in The Medicine Buddha, ask for his help, and believe I am being helped, I am helped.

I am happy to share this Medicine Buddha guided visualization with you.



I found this fun video that I wanna share with you. I did this workout tonight.

It is walking, side to side, back and forth, kicks, and other step movements.

High energy, positive, easy, simple, fun way to pass 15 minutes, and get the heart rate up. The time flew by and I definitely broke a sweat by the end.



I’m not sure if I shared this with you earlier or not. There are many ways to change your vibration (feeling) around a subject. This is how I did it, with what I know, around the subject of exercise.

Vibration is the same thing as Emotion (Feelings).

If I Hate exercise, that is my low vibration around exercise. Hate is ranked as vibration 19 out of 22 on Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale. If I feel Discouraged, that is also a low vibration, ranked at 16.

I want to have Fun with exercise. I want to Love to exercise. I want to be Happy about exercise. I want to be Eager and Enthusiastic about exercise. Those are all very high vibrations, and “in the vortex”.

What are the reasons I Hate exercise? I wrote those out on a notepad.

It’s hard.

It’s complicated.

I don’t like going to gyms. Takes too much effort and I don’t enjoy busy gyms.

It’s not fun.

It takes too long.

It is boring.

I don’t want any complex things.

I don’t want to buy additional equipment (I have bought tons over the years).

I don’t feel like exercising.

It takes too long to get results.

And so on.

Then I countered each reason.

It’s hard. Let’s find something easy to do.

It’s complicated. Let’s find something simple.

Let’s find workouts I can do at home, or anywhere, anytime.

Let’s find ways to make exercise fun. How can I make it more fun? Music. Watching shows I enjoy. Playing retro video games in between if I wish. Rewards after. Only doing exercises and move-sets that I enjoy.

Let’s do short exercises. I planned on doing just 20 mins, three times a week. Instead of 30 mins daily or 60 mins daily or 45 mins three times a week. Just 20 mins, 3 days a week. Seemed quite easy.

And I can do any type of exercise I wish and it counts. Walking counts. Qigong counts. Yoga, sure. Running, if I want. Bodyweight circuits. Stretches. Foam rolling. Weights. Any type of body movement counts. I told myself that even household chores count, as long as I am moving around. I set a timer on my phone for 20 mins.

Then I found exercise videos on Amazon Prime and Youtube. I also have memorized Qigong and Yoga routines from before. I have a foam roller, kettlebells, a full weight set in the basement, and a treadmill too.

But nowadays I do cardio using a youtube video, yoga, qigong, and stretches. Nothing too complicated or complex or unfun. I am sure my tastes and routines will change as time goes on. I am treating myself as a complete beginner.

I keep a visible piece of paper as my calendar where I put an X for days I work out. I also wrote bulletpoint reasons as to why I should work out. My incentives and motivation. I give myself daily, weekly, and monthly rewards. I keep myself accountable by telling others I am about to work out today. Positive self talk before, during, and after. EFT on resistant thoughts.

I don’t check any stats or scores, except time and occasionally my heart rate. I don’t check my weight or take body measurements. I don’t count calories burned. I keep my vibration high by only looking at things I can control and the numbers that make me happy.

The purpose is to make exercise high vibrational for me so that I keep doing it for the rest of my life. I want to love exercising and have fun with it. So far, excellent results!



I woke up dreaming of working out. That is a first!

I reread my workout script full of positive thoughts and reasons why I will workout. The main reason is that it raises my vibration and that is priceless to me. I will do whatever it takes “to get in the vortex”, using Abe Hicks terminology. Said simply, feeling good is more important to me than anything else in the universe.

Then I did EFT on the negative and positive. I talked to myself. I coached myself. I pep talked myself. I thought of all the people who don’t work out and how I want to be different. I thought of all the people who do work out and how I don’t want to be left behind.

I imagined myself feeling super good after I finish my work out.

I used all the tricks in my book. It is easier as I work out everyday but I still need daily motivation and inspiration.

I thought of things that make me angry too, to get that extra edge.

Then I did a beginner cardio video on youtube. I posted the video earlier. It was easier this time.

Finished it off with neck and back stretches I learned at my chiro.

I paired it with music this time. Some 2000s rap on youtube music app. Jay Z and Beyonce Crazy in Love. Then 3 Kings with Dre, Ross, and Jay Z did the trick.

More body zoning is lined up for later in the day, though I already met my goal of 20 mins for the day.

Worked out 4 days this week already. The min goal per week is 3x.

I actually haven’t missed a day since I started. Today is day 11 in a row.

I went to my makeshift visible calendar (a piece of yellow paper) and a put an X for today. Blogging about it also part of the process. Keeps the thought-momentum going. And then I texted my friends that today’s workout is done. ✅

Slabbed up in 2021.

(I haven’t even had my caffeine for the day yet! One of my treats, post workout reward this time.)