Abraham-Hicks teaches us how to get into the high vibrations (the vortex). This is a process of moving up the emotional guidance scale.

It is the idea of shifting emotions through thoughts. We go from specific negative to general negative to general positive to specific positive.

We can use any subject to feel good. That is the big secret. We don’t have to use the most difficult and negative subject and try to change it in order to feel good. We can use any simple topic to feel good.

Once we are in the vortex (top 4 emotions of Abraham’s scale), we can go specific on any topic. Do all the affirmations and visualizations and goal setting from inside the vortex. It will be much more effective.

To go specific, I am recently loving various teachers who teach the same thing. Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale (a student of Hill), Reverend Ike, RHJ, and Steve Harvey.


Have a specific goal/desire/dream. Most people don’t decide. Make up your mind to have a specific desire on what you want. It is up to you to decide, no one else can do it for you. Even “God” can’t decide for you. The steering wheel is in your hands.

Write it down.

Write down your goals, desires, dreams. Be as specific as possible.

Napoleon Hill recommends writing the exact amount of money you desire, what you are willing to give as service to get it, the date by which you expect to get it, and to make a clear, organized plan on getting it.

Steve Harvey recommends writing out 300 of your desires and goals and dreams.

RHJ recommends a list of your dreams and goals and desires in order of importance.

Reverend Ike recommends being as specific as possible when writing down a desire. The exact make, model, and color of a car you desire, for example.

Review it frequently.

Right after waking up, throughout the day, and before sleep.

Steve Harvey says to read it after waking up and before going to sleep.

Reverend Ike recommends the same. And he even uses recorded affirmations of his goals played at a low volume at night to program his mind.

RHJ recommends reading it after waking, at noon, and before sleep.

Napoleon Hill recommends reading it out loud after waking up and before sleep. And to believe, see, and feel yourself already having your desire.

Believe, See, and Feel

Belief is thru repeated affirmations. In the mind and verbally.

Seeing is thru the “theater of your mind.” Imagination. Visualization.

Feeling is an emotion. Feel happy, excited, enthusiastic, and thankful in advance of getting it. Pretend you already got it and be super appreciative.

That is the basic premise of all the specific processes. Decide specifically what you want. Write it down. Review it frequently. Believe, see, and feel it to be true. Take inspired action. Take the next logical step. Plan and dream and imagine the next steps. Follow hunches and intuition.

Do all of this from inside the vortex (top 4 emotional vibrations) for maximum effectiveness.