Today I had an aha moment. Like Abraham says, words do not teach, life experience does. And life experience taught me something.

I had started doing lots of goal setting, as I have mentioned in some of my recent blog posts.

I had been listening to lots of Reverend Ike and then reread Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. And books and audio by Bob Proctor. Also a book on business goal setting called “Measure What Matters” by John Doerr. Books by Drucker who says “what gets measured gets managed.” Also I relistened to and reread The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale. A goal setting article by Jim Collins. And on and on, I have been in super goal-setting mode.

The idea is to have a specific definite clear goal. Set a time limit. Read it in the morning after waking, before sleep, and often during the day. Take action steps towards the goal. Organized planning as Napoleon Hill calls it. I am to take action right now, whether I am ready or not.

Summarized, have a grand vision, a dream. Then have steps to get there that can be measured. Take those steps daily. See how far I have gotten after a certain period, and adjust the steps as needed.

So I did that.

And after many days (weeks?), I noticed that I had been getting more and more frustrated and discouraged! All this goal setting and goal obsession had lowered my vibration (emotions).

I became goal obsessed but my mood dropped.

This is when I remembered what Abraham had mentioned. High vibration is the goal. If goal setting feels good, do it. If goal setting feels bad, it is counter productive. If a certain goal and the steps feel good, do it. If a certain goal and/or certain steps feel bad, don’t do it.

High vibration is the end goal. Anything that lowers vibration is counter productive. This applies to all processes and actions.