I have been thinking of Napoleon Hill’s law of attraction technique lately in terms of Abraham-Hicks teachings.

The basic formula by Napoleon Hill goes like this:

1. Be definite on how much money you want.

2. Decide what service you will give in return for this money.

3. Decide a definite date by which you will get this money.

4, Decide on the steps you will take to get what you want. Take action now, whether you are ready or not.

5. Write steps one thru four into one clear definite statement.

6. Read statement out loud after waking and before sleep. Believe, see, and feel yourself in possession of the money.

If I had to categorize each of the steps, it goes like this:

1. What

(What I want, the amount of money.)

2. How

(How I get what I want, by providing a certain service.)

3. When

(The date by which I expect to get the money.)

4. How

(How I provide the service to get the money. The action steps.)

I’ll also add:


(Me. This is assumed since this is my plan. I may also have plans to work with certain people.)


(Because I like being rich, free, and financially independent. Because it is fun. It feels like a goal and a direction in life. It feels good to provide a valuable service. It feels good to be successful. And so on.)


(This could be right where I am or maybe I have to go to a certain town, state, or country to do what I want to do. This could fall under step 4 where I figure out the action steps.)

Abraham says that when I focus on What I want and Why I want it, I am in alignment.

When I try to figure out How, When, and Where, it can knock me out of alignment because those are usually unknowns.

Anything I don’t know right now can cause frustration, pessimism, doubt, worry, discouragement, etc. These are negative emotions that indicate negative thoughts and beliefs which mean that my vibration has lowered.

At lower vibrations, success eludes the person. Good health, happiness, love, success, prosperity, money and those sorts of “good” things are at the high vibrations. Anything that causes a lower vibration is causing lack.

So if being specific about all the details about the plan feels good, then focus on it. If it feels bad, don’t focus on those parts.

If How is unknown, think generally about it and keep focusing on What I want and Why.



To to be financially independent and rich and free. To have lots of money in the bank. To always have money at my disposal to buy whatever I wish.

I can get more specific or not. It depends on how it feels. I can be specific about a hundred thousand dollars or a hundred million dollars as long as it still feels good. Otherwise, I can stay general.


Because that is a fun goal. Being financially free is fun. I like being able to go where I want, do what I want, live how I want, and to always have plenty in the bank. Being rich is fun. Being rich feels like freedom and independence. Being rich feels like success.


I will let law of attraction bring me the How. I am sure there are plenty of ways, new and old, for me to feel rich. I am sure the action steps will come at the right time and will feel like excitement and eagerness and inspired.

The How takes care of itself, according to loa teachers like Abraham and Neville, as long as I feel rich and abundant first.

My goal and action plan today is to maintain my high emotional vibration and take any inspired action that come to me.

My action plan is to feel. Feel free, abundant, happy, rich, independent, successful, joyful, appreciative. I take an emotional journey today, from how I currently feel to feeling better about this subject of money.

If I have specific action steps that feel inspired, then I take it. If that be selling some product or service or taking a specific course or working at a specific career or place. I judge all actions by how they feel.


At the right time. It is already happening as I ponder and think about it. It has already happened in my nonphysical reality. As I feel Abundant and rich now, I am accessing my own riches that exist in the nonphysical vibrational reality. I am turning thoughts into things thru my focusing and feelings.