I once heard a successful person teaching loa that I am to write 300 desires down. It could take some time but get to 300 things that I want. Then read the list after waking up and read it before sleep. Then check it off as it manifests.

I like that idea.

Today, while listening to Abraham-Hicks, I had a thought that I could write down 300 things that have already materialized. Things that have gone right in my life. Things that are already working well.

In other words, counting my blessings to at least 300. I am sure I could eventually get to a 1000 or 10,000.

The purpose of this activity is to activate appreciation, joy, thankfulness, etc. The goal is to feel good by looking at what is working and what has worked. Feeling is the key.

As Abraham teaches, whenever I feel good, I am on the right track of attracting more good.

Writing 300 desires that I want in the future could make me feel good but it also has a chance to activate lack.

On the other hand, writing 300 things that are my blessings has a better chance of activating positive feelings.

Even if I spent an hour a day counting my blessings for the rest of my life, I am sure I will never run out of things to be thankful for!