(Using the Abraham-Hicks model combined with many other teachers.)

1. Feel Good First.

Meditate (Abe Hicks vortex meditation, TM, other)

Appreciate (count blessings, list things that I love, list happy memories, list happy parts of a person/place/thing, imagine happy scenarios, speak happy thoughts out loud)


Move body (yoga, walk, stretch, other)

Breathe at a pace of 5 in and 5 out

Drink lots and lots of water

Whatever else that gets the job done.

Of course, eat, sleep, rest, play, and take care of those things.

Eliminate bad-feeling people, places, things, thoughts as best as possible and replace with good-feeling ones.

This is known as “getting inside the vortex,” meaning get into the top 4 emotional levels on Abe’s vibrational scale.

Rule #1 every single day is to “get inside the vortex.” Feel as good as possible first. Get into high vibration. Write out this rule and the methods to feel good on a piece of paper (and in the phone and laptop and many places) and review it frequently every day. Read it after waking up, multiple times during the day, and before sleep.

2. Think about what I want most of the time, after feeling good, and as long as it feels good.

If what I want feels bad, but I feel good currently, I can do EFT, Focus Wheel, or another process to feel good about what I want by removing negative beliefs and installing positive beliefs.

If what I want feels bad, and I also feel bad currently, it is better to change the subject to anything else that will make me feel good. Distraction.

Write out what I want and read it frequently (after waking up, during the day, before sleep). I can be as general or as specific as I want, as long as it feels good.

Is it the right job I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Is it the right romantic relationship I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Is it the right physical health that I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Dedicate a certain percentage of my mind to think about this desire. Maybe 80% of my daily mind is thinking about what I want, as long as it feels good. Only as long as it feels good. If and when it starts to feel bad, do something else that feels good.

Thinking about what I want could be imagination, self talk, affirmations, writing it out, thinking of ideas and plans, speaking it out loud, speaking it out loud while looking at myself in the mirror, discussing it with others who are able to help, reading about it, hearing about it (audio programs, video programs, recorded affirmations), seeing what I want (images, video clips, watching others who are doing it), researching the topic, studying the topic, and so on. ONLY AS LONG AS IT FEELS GOOD and to stop when it starts feeling bad.

Get into high vibration. Maintain high vibration while mostly thinking about what I want. Stop as soon as the vibration starts to lower. Get back into high vibration. Repeat daily.