Thoughts are what create. Thinking creates our lives. Feelings indicate if we are creating wanted or unwanted.

Deliberate creating, as Abraham-Hicks calls it, is basically the idea of misunderstanding on purpose. Misunderstanding every situation as positive and beneficial for us.

Toe hurts? That means my toe cells are alive and well. My toe knows what to do. I will just chill out and relax.

Car mishap? That was meant to be and an even better car is on its way to me now.

Husband left? Wow this is fantastic news. Since everything is always working out for me, this is another one of those things that are working out for me. I am excited to see what new surprises are in store for me.

3 months to live? Woohoo, this is the best news yet. I am going to enjoy every moment of every day and maximize my happiness. Now I can eat all the cookies, cakes, and brownies I want!