This morning, I am re-minding myself of the basic fundamentals of law of attraction, deliberate creation (law of creation), and the art of allowing (law of receiving) – as I understand it today.


Like attracts like.

Like vibration attracts like manifestations.

Emotions indicate current vibration.

Emotions = Vibration.

Like emotion attracts like manifestations.

There are 22 vibrational levels.


I get what I think about, whether I want it or don’t want it.

I get what I think about: wanted or lack. Good or bad.

Those are the two categories of thinking: plenty or lack. Prosperity thinking or Poverty thinking.

This is an attraction-based universe, not an exclusion-based universe. Meaning we are always attracting “good” or “bad”, wanted or unwanted. There is no such thing as “push away the bad by thinking about the bad.” If you don’t want “bad”, completely ignore it and think about the “good”.

Good and Bad are relative to the individual. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” “One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.” Some people like noisy environments and some like quiet. Some are city mice and some are country mice. But we all have preferences on what we like and don’t like. And those preferences can also change over time.

We attract into our lives by thinking – by using our mind. Thinking includes self talk, imagination, pondering, remembering, noticing, writing, speaking, focusing. We are influenced thru other people’s thoughts too, by hearing, reading, seeing, and being around them.

I can tell by the way I feel if what I am thinking about is wanted or unwanted. Emotions are my indicator and my guidance system.

The end goal is to feel good, to be at the top emotions (top vibrations).

Today’s manifestations are mostly based on past thinking and feeling. I set up future manifestations based on how I think and feel today.


Allowing mode is good emotions, high vibrations. This can also be called the receptive mode.

Disallowing mode is neg emotions, low vibrations. This is known as resistance and blocking your good.

The highest vibration is Joy, Love, etc

I receive today’s good by feeling good.

That is why some people teach gratitude, thankfulness, counting your blessings, appreciation, and so on. The “thank you” feeling is the receptive mode. The Joyful feeling is the highest receptive mode.

So be happy first. Be joyful first. Be appreciative first. And maintain that feeling as much as possible today. Start as soon as you wake up to get there.

This is a game of vibrational management. Emotions indicate vibration. So said another way, this is a game of emotional management.

It is our job to manage our own emotions and feel as good as possible as early in the day as possible by any means necessary. Then to maintain that throughout the day and purposefully feel good before going to sleep.

There will be dips in emotions (vibrations). That is to be expected. That is how we grow as we encounter new data in life and then decide what we prefer by encountering what we don’t prefer. The goal is to raise our feelings once again and not to make a permanent home in the lower vibrations.

Life is a merchant. Everyday life brings us a buffet of items. It is our job to notice what we want, say yes to that, and ignore what we don’t want. Most people notice what they don’t want and keep talking about those items. So Life brings them more of that once again the next day.

Noticing is how we say “yes.” Thinking is how we say yes. Talking, writing, typing, texting, looking, remembering, etc are all the ways we say yes. Our attention is how we purchase things. We “pay” with our attention and life then brings us more of what we paid attention to.

Ignoring is how we say “no.” If you don’t want something, completely delete it from your mind. “Pay” no attention to that again.

It takes practice to get better at this skill of paying attention to what we want and ignoring what we don’t want. This is a daily practice forever. There are no off days!

We allow our good by feeling good. We disallow our good by feeling bad. There is only good and lack of good. And there are degrees of that, and those are the 22 different vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Classic ways to feel good. Meditate. Appreciate (count your blessings in detail). Good music.

Nature (fresh air, sunshine, earth, trees, water).

Moving the body. Exercise, dancing, walking, stretches, etc. Bodywork also: massage and so on.

Drink lots and lots of water and breathe slowly and deeply as Abraham recommends.

Then you will have your own methods to feel good emotionally. Forgive and forget. Think positive. Hang out with happy people. Consume happy uplifting media. Love yourself. Love others. Think of all the happy memories. Look for the good parts in every person, place, thing, or event. Hang out with pets and animals, if you are into that. Do fun things. Do what you love. Imagine happy scenarios.

Remove all unhappy things as best as possible, or think differently about them if you cannot remove them at the moment. Either leave, change, or accept. Surrender to a higher power.

Abraham offers 22 processes in their book and many more on their talks. Many teachers over the years have offered their own processes.

Practice practice practice.

Train the mind to be your ally, like one of the zen monks said.

Be more focused on “manifesting” positive emotions than material objects.

Maintaining your high vibration is more important than stressing and worrying (lowering your vibration) in order to get a new car that you think will raise your vibration.

At the high vibrations, you will get all that you want and more anyways.