According to Abraham Hicks, negative emotion means that you are focused in a way that your Inner Being (Source) isn’t.

That separation is felt as a negative emotion and there are various degrees of separation felt as various degrees of negative emotions.

Since Abraham mentions 22 separate vibrations, that means one can be separated from Source in 21 varying degrees. Source is at the highest vibration of Love, Joy, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge.

Everything below that is a separation, though vibrational levels 2 thru 4 are considered super good (in the vortex) and 5-7 are considered good. The first negative vibration starts at #8 boredom.

When I feel negative emotion, it means I focused on unwanted while Source is always at the Love level.

It doesn’t mean that Source loves bad things. It means that Source refuses to come down from the Love level. But I as a spirit living as a physical being can become separated, that is my free will. I can do whatever I wish with my mind while Source is unwaveringly at Love.

Source doesn’t Love poverty, Source is focused on Prosperity. If I think in lackful ways, I will feel negative emotion as I am moving farther away from Source.

That is what is meant by “turn the other cheek.” Take your attention off of unwanted and look at wanted instead.

If I focus on someone’s bad qualities, I will feel bad. That is why Benjamin Franklin said that only fools criticize, condemn, and complain.

There are levels though and it depends where I am starting from and which direction I am headed.

If I am at the lowest vibration #22 of Powerlessness, then criticizing, condemning, and complaining will make me feel better because it raises my vibration. Hatred and Rage are ranked at vibrational level #19. Blame is higher at #15.

If I am at Passion (#2) though and I somehow start criticizing, condemning, and complaining, I will soon feel terrible emotions as my vibration lowers fast!

Negative emotion is guidance. It means to turn the other cheek, to turn my attention away from what I am currently focused on and towards a more pleasant subject.

What works for one person will not work for another person because they could be at different vibrational levels. For a down and out person, getting Angry is a positive action. For a happy person, getting Angry is a negative action.

The ultimate goal is to keep moving up Abraham’s emotional guidance every day and every moment towards Love.

“A Return to Love,” the title of Marianne Williamson’s book comes to mind. “Love What Is” as Byron Katie teaches.

It really is all about Love, Joy, and Appreciation. Counting my blessings. Counting the good qualities in every person, place, thing, and event.

To get to Love though, you may have to travel thru various other emotions first and that is okay. Just don’t make your home at a lower vibration, always be moving up.