Every day, life gives me a variety of experiences.

Life is a merchant with goods for sale. Some days, Life brings me lots of items. Other days, Life brings me fewer things.

Some of things I really really love. Some things are pretty good. Some are neutral. And many things I do not want at all.

It is my job to sift and sort thru the variety of items in the boxes and only pick the things I want.

I purchase things with my attention.

At the end of the day, I think over all the people, places, things, events, thoughts, and memories that life brought me today. Then I selectively purchase the absolute best things by thinking about them more in as much detail as possible.

If I don’t like any of the items from today’s menu, I order from an older menu or I’ll make a special custom request. Or maybe I’ll order from another person’s menu. “I’ll take what she is having please. Thank you.”

I think, focus, remember, ponder, write in my journal, and speak with a friend, out loud to myself, or in my mind about the things I loved about the day.

Everyone is constantly purchasing from the merchant. Lots of people seem to keep purchasing what they don’t want by thinking about and talking about what they don’t want!

Life is fair and reliable and says yes (Sir or Madam), I will go out and get you more of that tomorrow.

I am a much more selective purchaser these days. I only purchase what I love and want. I “pay no mind” to the other goods. Through living many days and making lots of purchases over my life, I have learned to become more of a connoisseur. I have an unlimited credit card, so might as well buy what I want.

Life is an honest and trustworthy merchant. Life always delivers. Life will deliver. So I am very choosy and careful about what I order today because I will get what I think about.