I have been evolving my beliefs on many topics and one of them is “Traditional” Medicine.

Sometimes we look at a thing as harmful and sometimes we look at a thing as a solution.

For example, I am super thankful for my eyeglasses and the doctors who have prescribed different ones over the years.

I am super thankful for folks creating companies that have helped me out a ton. Amazon, Google, Apple, electric companies, garbage removal companies, gas companies, home builders, repair folks, car makers, and on and on. These are all solutions.

But like Abraham-Hicks says, all people, places, and things have Wanted and Unwanted. It is the perfect balance of Yin and Yang in all things that keeps the Universe in balance.

As a creator in the metaphysical sense, it is my expectation that creates my individual reality.

What I believe (my thoughts).

How I feel (my emotions = my vibration).

What I imagine will happen (using my inner senses = also my thoughts).

I can take a thing and imagine/believe/think that it will do harm or take a thing and imagine/believe/feel that it will do good.

We have group beliefs too. Universal beliefs that most of us believe. And smaller groups of beliefs.

Traditional Medicine is harmful = belief.

Traditional Medicine is helpful = belief.

Alternative Medicine is harmful = belief.

Alternative Medicine is helpful = belief.

We don’t need any medicine at all = belief.

We need to take things to improve our life = belief.

We can live by only breathing and never eat food again = belief.

I can live by absorbing Sun’s energy only = belief.

Different diets = Different beliefs.

It all depends on what you believe and expect.

Sometimes the right solution is “Traditional” and some solutions are “Alternative” and some are “Complimentary.”

I am working on my beliefs first, then taking the thing rather than taking the thing and hoping it will make me believe after.

Make a decision and line up with it, as Abraham says.

Find the thing that I am inspired towards. Inspiration indicates high vibration and guidance specifically meant for me.

Fully believe and expect the thing to work way before I take it. This is known as Prepaving according to Abraham. Think thoughts of it working for me and benefitting me.

Keep believing and imagining that it works. Feel with my inner senses (imagine) that it is working.

And be appreciative of every solution that comes to me and was made by another human, who is also spirit incarnated as a physical being.

It is my belief that makes a thing work or not work, not the other way around.