I have heard Abraham-Hicks talk about Beliefs and Desires a million times!

When your Belief and Desire are a match, your manifestation must show up, they say.

Just what does that mean? I wondered.

Ok, here is my newest understanding of this. I think this is really simple.

Desire, by Abraham’s definition, is always positive, always feels good, and always “in the vortex.” Meaning, Desires are high vibration.

When someone wants a new car, the vibration of that is emotional. They want safety, security, fun, joy, happiness, ease of transport, and things like that.

Same thing when someone wants money, a new home, or a mate.

Every Desire is a wanted thing. Wanted things are in the vortex. The vortex is vibrational. Vibrations can be interpreted as emotions. The first 4 emotional levels on Abraham’s guidance scale consist of the vortex.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation/Belief

We don’t have to think of a Desire, it already exists, according to Abraham. Since everything is vibrational (emotional), it exists.

A new car shows up in your life at the right time when you are feeling happy. Every time you feel happy, a new car will not show up – because that would make no sense. A new car wouldn’t come if you just bought a new car. That also is pointless, though you can always buy a new car and have multiple cars as you wish.

But a new car will come exactly when you need it. How will it come? Thru resources, thru inspired ideas, and inspired action. If you don’t have a new car now but want one, and you do not buy one, it is because you do not have the resources (money) for it.

You do not have resources because you have been hanging out in the lower vibrations too long.

So as you practice high vibrations (high emotions) for a while, resources come to you as you need it. A new job. A raise. Winnings. Credits. Refunds. Someone giving you a car. Or some idea to earn more money. And so on.

Inspired solutions exist at the high vibrations.

All desires exist vibrationally, so we don’t need to work on that.

Let’s talk about Beliefs.

Beliefs are Thoughts as Abraham says.

And Beliefs & Thoughts are Vibrations.

Emotions indicate vibration. Thus, Emotions are Vibrations.

So we can conclude that Thoughts = Beliefs = Emotions = Vibrations.

So the vibration of our Belief can be found out by the way we feel right now.

We don’t need to think of a new car necessarily to get a new car. Most people wishing for a new car just want the money to buy a new car.

Money is also a Desire that exists at the top vibrations.

With all that said, we can get everything we want by just feeling happy and joyful and appreciative about anything. It is the feeling we are after. The feeling unlocks the resources. The feeling unlocks the vault. The feeling opens the door.

So that is why if you feel happy while petting your cat, you can get your new car. Because while you are happy, law of attraction brings you more happy thoughts and ideas and circumstances. If you feel happy long enough, all the solutions you want will come to you one by one.

You don’t have to think of your new car and then feel happy. Just feel happy by any easy means. Just be on the high vibration by any easy means.

At the high vibrations, you will have easy modes of transport and resources to buy a new car if that is what you are after. When will that happen? No idea, but it will happen at the right time.

Your specific manifestations will also differ from other people because your manifestations will match exactly what you need thru the life you have lived thus far. A happy person living in the Amazon jungle will get different manifestations than a happy person working at an Amazon warehouse.

Not every human being will become a billionaire thru law of attraction, in other words.

But every human being can be happy inside and allow their specific desires to come to them in the path of least resistance and in accordance with the laws of this physical reality. I don’t think your roof will open up and gold coins will rain down on you but you may get an idea to start a business or find the right job that matches you right now with the right pay.

Every human being has the resources to practice high vibrations right now if they wish and if they know how.

Meditate and think good-feeling thoughts. Listen to happy music if it is available. Chant mantras if that is your thing. Take naps when tired. Do things you love as often as possible. Pay attention to inspired ideas and take inspired action. Pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the day and do your best to raise your emotions. Every time your emotion dips, stop what you are doing. Do your best to feel better again.

That’s it. Super simple! That is how you match your Belief with your Desire – by feeling good in the easiest possible way for you. Your Desire feels good. You must also feel good.