I want to take another crack at this favorite clip of mine. I posted about this before but I believe I have a new understanding of it.


Questioner wants to go to Seattle. He lists various good qualities about Seattle. Fresh air, mountains, hiking, rivers, and so on.

But he is feeling, the key vibrational words are, doubt and “fear.” Both of those are low vibrations and “outside the vortex.”

Abraham says that what is not wanted is more active in his vibration, otherwise he’d be there already.

It’s easy to go to Seattle, just pack up and drive there. He must be comparing the negative qualities here with there and thus here is more active in his vibration. Maybe he is thinking more about all the unwanted qualities about here.

Then it turns out he is thinking of a guy in Seattle. The topic shifts.

It’s not really about Seattle he is talking about, it is the topic of relationships.

He is scared to move to Seattle to meet this guy, hoping he is the one for him and hoping that the guy likes him back, I assume. He saw the guy somewhere, after being apart many years, and felt that he is the one for him.

In the past, I thought the goal was for him to be in Seattle or for him to get the guy. That is more manifestation-focused.

Now I realize that Abraham is all about emotion-focused. Abraham is vibration-focused. (Vibration and emotion are the same thing.)

The goal is to be happy. The goal is to be in the vortex. The goal is to feel good emotionally. That is all Abraham ever teaches, from my point of view. (The Vortex is the first four vibrations on Abraham’s emotional scale.)

The goal isn’t to get things to be happy. The goal isn’t to go and meet the guy to be happy. The goal is just to be happy first and let things that match that vibration come to us.

He believes if he moves to Seattle and everything works out with this guy, he will feel a certain way emotionally.

Right now, it is clear that he does not feel like that.

Thus the topic of “relationship” is keeping him “out of the vortex.”

He could get in the vortex by meditating, appreciating, listening to music or a number of other ways. But the idea of a happy relationship comes into his mind frequently, it seems, and it is keeping him outside of the vortex.

So Abraham speaks some emotional words about the topic of relationship that he wants. As he focused on those words and the emotions that those words evoke, his feelings raise and he feels happier. This is reflected by the changed look on his face and the tears in his eyes from joy. His vibration has raised and now he is in the vortex.

The goal always is to be in the vortex, no matter what. The goal is to feel good emotionally.

Now moving forward, the topic of relationships will have a positive feeling for him, if he practices how he wants to feel as they just did in the workshop.

As he is more happy and joyful throughout the days and the topic of relationships no longer pulls his vibrations down, the right relationship must flow into his life at the right time. And this time there will be no confusion or doubt or fear when that happens. It will feel inspired and like the next logical step.

From inside the vortex, inspiration and guidance are much clearer to hear. It will feel like “sureness” and “certainty” and “confidence.”

The relationship doesn’t have to come today or next week for him to feel happy.

Though if he consistently feels happy, the right relationship and everything else he desires must come to him, one by one, at the right time.

And they come to him as inspired ideas and thoughts, people showing up in his life, and “synchronicities.”