This clip is part of the Health & Wellbeing cd on Abraham-Hicks website.

I listened to it dozens of times to fully comprehend what Abraham was saying. Let me share with you my understanding of it.

Questioner gets frequent headaches. He had heard on another Abe audio that pain someone else was feeling was due to resistance.

Are his headaches also due to resistance?

Abraham says yes.

How can he know what that resistance is?

Abraham mentions the cause of resistance is not important as much as releasing it.

This causes laughter in the audience and surprise from the questioner.

I now get what Abe is saying.

What is resistance?

Negative thoughts. The group of thoughts you think about a specific subject is a belief. Thus, beliefs are just thoughts.

Resistance is negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

When you start thinking negatively, you will feel negative emotion. It starts out as very light negative emotion but if you don’t do anything to change it and continue down your negative thinking, it magnifies into stronger negative emotion.

Using Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale, Boredom is the first negative emotion ranked at #8. Discouragement is #16 and a much stronger negative emotion.

Resistance starts as a negative thought, then a negative feeling, then body symptoms, then more negative physical manifestations in and around you. That is law of attraction picking up steam on your current vibration.

The cause of your headache could be any subject. Bills making you feel overwhelmed, someone cutting you off in traffic and you getting angry, or the tv remote not working. The cause doesn’t matter because sometimes it is hard to know the cause.

But we always know that a headache or some type of pain is an exaggerated result of not paying attention to our negative feelings which were caused by our attention to negative subjects.

This is what is meant by, “don’t worry, it will get bigger.”

It is like what Oprah said about life. Life whispers at you all the time. If you don’t listen to the whispers, it will get stronger and stronger until you’ll eventually get a metaphorical frying pan smacked to your head to get you to pay attention.

In the moment of a headache or any body pain, the solution is always the same. Relax into it, don’t resist. Chill out. Tell yourself positive soothing thoughts. Smile. Take deep breaths. If you can, stop thinking by meditating. Or listen to good music. Take a hot bath. Look at pics of cute cats. Or do something else that makes you feel better.

The goal is to release resistance. The goal is to raise vibration. Easily said, the goal is to feel better emotionally. Emotions are indicators of vibration.

Do whatever it takes to chill out, relax, take a break, smile, and be at ease. This will raise your vibration and your headache will soon release too.

Of course you can take medicine or whatever else to make yourself at ease. You can do eft or whatever other process you are into.

But the cause of the headache, according to Abraham, was some type of attention to a negative subject long enough that it became a stronger indicator as physical pain.

This reminds me of Doctor Sarno who treated longstanding chronic back pain in his patients by asking them what they were worried about or who they strongly dislike. He treated his patients’ back pain thru changing their thoughts and feelings.

This is also similar to Louise Hay’s teachings that negative emotions are the cause of all illness. The same premise is behind the Emotional Freedom Technique.

The idea is that each vibration has matching manifestations. Higher vibrations have positive manifestations and lower vibrations have negative manifestations.

Paying attention to feelings and managing them is the key. Do whatever it takes to feel better and stop giving thought to things that make you feel worse.

I will also reshare this clip from a talk where Esther had a sore throat. Same message.