I wanna share with you my current understanding on how to use these meditations.

The Vortex meditations comes with a user guide, a brief introduction audio by Jerry Hicks, and then 4 different meditations by Abraham as spoken thru Esther Hicks.

The categories are General Wellbeing, Physical Health, Financial, and Relationships. Thus this covers all major areas of life. Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

The purpose of the meditation isn’t to manifest a healing right now or tomorrow or to get a check for $100,000 dollars by next week.

The purpose of the meditation is to “get into the vortex.” This is an analogy for feeling good. This is an analogy for being at the higher vibrations. (Emotions and vibrations are the same thing. Your current emotions indicate your current vibration.)

The Vortex is an analogy for the nonphysical vibrational place where your inner being (soul, spirit, source) hangs out at and where all of your desires already exist. Abraham explains it as a swirling kind of thing that looks like an energy vortex, kinda like the spiral of the galaxy. There is an image of the vortex on the cover of their Vortex book and I believe on the cover of their meditation cd also.

It is a vibrational place. It is an emotional place. We are talking about feelings. As I have mentioned many times, the Vortex is simply the first 4 emotional vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale as mentioned in their book Ask and It is Given. You can also just simply google the scale to seen it.

At this moment, most likely some topic is making you feel bad. Maybe it is health or wealth or relationship related. This subject, or many different subjects, are making you feel bad on a consistent basis. “It is keeping you out of the vortex.” It is keeping you from feeling good.

By default, if you meditate, you will raise your vibration (get into the vortex) as Abraham says. Music that you like will get you in the higher vibrations. Breathing slow and deep can get you there too. Counting your breaths can get you there too. All of these are distractions from your worries. When you stop thinking about what worries you, your vibration naturally rises. Meditation is a way of distraction and to stop thinking. Positive thinking done properly can also raises your vibrations and can make you feel better emotionally.

So depending on which subject is bothering you, you can select that individual meditation from Abraham’s selection. The meditations combine breathing, music, counting breaths, distraction, positive thoughts, and silence.

If the topic of Health is worrying you and making you feel bad, listen to that one. It is only 15 minutes. Breathe in and breathe out to the rhythm of the music and the instructions given while you listen softly to Abraham’s positive affirmations. Most likely after 15 mins, you will feel better. If you want to listen to it again, go ahead.

After the meditation, don’t start thinking the old worrisome thoughts again! Think positively about any subject, it doesn’t have to be about health. Or just chill out and listen to good music or take a nap or watch a funny show or hang out with happy people, or work on some hobbies, or take care of other tasks. Continue to feel good though by either thinking positively or using positive distractions.

As you continue to feel good emotionally, you will eventually get inspired ideas on what to do next. Solutions will come to you. Don’t go looking for them and stress out, they will naturally come to you at the right time.

If the subject of Money is worrying you, listen to the Financial meditation. If people are the thing that is bothering you, listen to the Relationship meditation. Then there is the General Wellbeing meditation that is sort of all purpose.

The purpose is a shift in your emotions, not to manifest something right now. The only manifestation you are after is feeling better than you did before you started. To feel relief, calm, and at ease. Then go with the flow and if an inspired solution comes to you that feels good, try it out.

Once you are in the vortex, meaning high emotional vibrations, you can get much clearer guidance from your inner being (spirit, soul, god, intuition). And your body, relationships, and finances benefit when you are feeling happy more consistently.

Whatever process or method that makes you feel better is a good process. The Vortex Meditation is a tool, like EFT, regular meditation, music, stand up comedy, a good therapist, exercise, massage, qigong, going out in nature, listening to inspirational talks, hypnosis cds, binaural beats, etc.

The goal is to feel better emotionally and this tool by Abraham Hicks certainly works for me and is quite easy to use.