Oh, I also wanted to share this tool with you.

I picked up The Butterfly Meditation by Master Chunyi Lin a while back. He is the founder of Spring Forest Qigong. You can find the meditation audio on their website.

This meditation is around 35 mins long I believe. (There are also similar meditations available of youtube for free as well.)

Using Abraham Hicks terminology, this is a guided visualization healing meditation to heal your body. But rather than thinking of it as a healing meditation, think of it as a meditation to get you into the vortex instead. This can be seen as a tool or a process to simply make you relaxed and feel better.

Just like the “Physical Vortex Meditation” that Abraham provides, the Butterfly Meditation can be used a similar way. Whenever you worry about your health condition and it lowers your emotions, use either tool to feel as ease and to feel relief.

A shift in emotions are what we are after, not a spontaneous healing or disappearance of an ailment. A shift in emotions indicates a shift in vibration and thus positive solutions will flow into your life in the future.

This meditation isn’t mandatory to have but for those that like this kinda stuff, it is a nice tool to have to add variety to your practices. I like this one better than Small Universe Meditation and Inner Smile Meditation, as taught by Qigong teachers and better than Twin Hearts Meditation as taught by Pranic Healing modality.