I love this talk and have listened to it dozens of times to understand what was being taught.

Let me offer my interpretation and understanding of this question and answer. (I think I wrote about this talk before but this is my newest understanding.)

Questioner is wondering how sitting at home and thinking about money, but doing nothing, will bring money. The only ways to get money are to steal it from someone or to provide value for which people will pay for.

Some preliminaries.

He says: thought stimulates vibrations, which stimulates emotion.

Abraham says that thought is vibration.

(And we know that emotions are also vibration. Emotion indicates which vibration you are currently offering, out of the 22 different vibrational levels Abraham teaches about. Everything is technically vibration.)

A practiced thought is your point of attraction and that vibration becomes your reality after a while. The emphasis is on the vibration.

(We can use the word “emotion” as a substitute for “vibration” since feelings are a much more noticeable form of vibration.)

Questioner says: Abraham teaches that creation requires no action and the evidence will reveal itself.

Questioner: Most people would like enough passive income every month to pay for their survival so that they can feel free to express themselves creatively and fulfill their deepest desires.

How can people get this money if they take no action and just sit on the couch visualizing money? You can only get money by stealing it or providing value to other people.

Abraham’s answer is this, interpreted by me.

The creation is already done.

This means the creation is already done vibrationally, in the nonphysical reality, and stored for you in your “vortex of creation”.

Just by living life and encountering a variety of situations, some that you like and some that you don’t like, your spiritual counterpart (inner being) created what you like and became it automatically.

Creation is an automatic process. The job you want, the mate you want, the money you want, all of that has already been created vibrationally.

The way to get what you want is to feel good emotionally by any means (meditation, appreciation, positive thoughts that feel good, having fun, and so on). Feeling good is how you “allow” what you already created vibrationally (nonphysically).

Meaning, you get what you want by being at the high vibrations, known as the vortex, which are the first four vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Once you reach there consistently, you will get inspired thoughts, inspired ideas. Things you fill feel excited to do. Things that seem fun to do. Ideas that feel awesome. This is your inner being (spiritual self) leading you towards what you want, like a gps signal.

It is like a game of hot or cold. Good feelings indicate you are getting closer to what you want and bad feelings indicate you are moving farther away from your desires.

Inspired ideas are high vibratory. Inspiration is high vibration. Intuition is high vibration. Excitement is high vibration. Passion is high vibration.

So when you sit at home and think and feel like you have money, or think and feel good in general, that is work. That counts as action. Focusing takes effort. Focusing is action.

For example, Jeff Bezos created (allowed) the business of Amazon by thinking, focusing, and then taking inspired action. Some action may have been uninspired but success at that high level requires high vibration and following gut feelings and hunches.

“Passive income” usually means you are doing something you may not like in order to make money to do other things that you do like. The person is looking for a “set it and forget it” type of income stream.

Some passive income comes thru inspired action too, like with investments, creating content (royalties from books, videos, audio, etc), and so on.

But in this questioner’s case, it seems he just wants money to flow in somehow so that he can do other things that are more fun.

Abraham mentions that it is when you do fun things that money does flow in easily. Fun = high vibration. Inspired creative ideas = high vibration.

When you get inspired ideas, you won’t feel like sitting at home thinking. You will be super busy doing fun and interesting things. And this action will be so fun that you look forward to doing it more and more.

Like Michael Jordan with basketball, Jeff Bezos with Amazon, Warren Buffett with Berkshire, and so on. Or the local school teacher who loves teaching kids. The nurse who loves helping her patients. The painter who loves to paint. Authors who love to write. The scientists who love their work and make medical breakthroughs.

So I thought of a couple things people can do.

Uninspired action to make money the hard way. This will feel tiring and like hard work.

Inspired action to allow money the easy way. This will feel energizing and like a fun game.

By definition, high vibration should allow in more money, along with all other forms of abundance (health, and relationships too).

So what we are seeking in our thinking and focusing, “while sitting at home on the couch”, is to raise our vibration and be the receiver of guidance. Be the receiver of the solution. Be the receiver of inspiration. Then take that action that feels best.

Alignment first, then action.

Getting into alignment counts as action and work. The top successful people are taking aligned action. They think, focus, and concentrate really well.