Love love love this talk that I found last nite.

Let me “translate” it using my words and understanding of what Abraham Hicks is saying here.

Questioner is pondering which job to take. She is a prosecuting lawyer. She wonders which job will help her maintain her alignment. Can she be in alignment as she represents the government in cases against people and potential criminals.

Abraham mentions that the job you choose does not matter, you can learn to be in alignment no matter the circumstances. This is a Step 4 question, they say.

This is how I understand the steps.

Step 1: You experience contrast (variety, some wanted some unwanted). At this point, you are not “in the vortex.” You are at the lower emotions on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale. The Vortex consists of the first 4 emotional vibrations.

Step 2: Source answers immediately as you experience unwanted. Source becomes the wanted aspect of that. Ask and it is Given immediately, vibrationally in the spirit realm (nonphysical reality).

Step 3: To get the solution physically, in this physical reality, we have to be a vibrational (emotional) match. The key that unlocks your treasure chest full of manifestations is Feelings.

You must raise your emotions (vibrations) in whatever way that works for you to get “into the vortex,” into the first 4 vibrations on Abraham’s scale.

In simple terms, you must become happy and joyful and thankful and appreciative and loving in whatever way possible. You must be positive and have faith.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation, Belief

Those vibrations are “in the vortex”.

Once you are in the vortex, manifestations come to you in the form of positive feelings, inspired ideas, hunches, gut feelings, guidance, synchronicities, and so on that lead you to the physical manifestations.

Step 4: This is about maintaining your high vibrations consistently, regularly, most of the time. It is like flying. Fly more of the time in the high vibrations. Stay in the vortex as much as possible.

Figuring out ways to maintain your good feelings and staying in the vortex while encountering various life circumstances is step 4.

Practicing Unconditional Love. Feeling Appreciation no matter what is happening. Looking for the good in all scenarios. Knowing there is a solution to all challenges. Practicing ways to be more Joyful throughout the day.

This Step 4 isn’t relying on physical manifestations in order to stay Happy. You don’t need to get things every day in order to be Joyful. You are a Happy and Joyful being by default. That is a choice.

You practice and send out good vibrations no matter what is happening, wanted or unwanted.

Thus Abraham is saying that one who understands step 4, which is to stay Happy no matter what, can work anywhere and practice alignment. It is not the right job that makes them happy, they are happy first and then happy still at the job they are at right now.

The goal is to practice unconditional happiness. It is an art and a science and a skill.

You don’t need to get the parking spot up front to be happy, you are happy no matter where you park because your mind is focused on happy thoughts.

Step 5: This isn’t mentioned in the video but it is simply the same as Step 1. At some point, you may get knocked down emotionally out of the vortex and maybe even very low on the emotional scale.

That is ok and to be expected. But now you know how to get back up to the higher vibrations and you will do that.

As a reminder, how do we raise vibrations (emotions)?

Meditate. Either regular meditation or Abraham’s Vortex Meditations.

Think thoughts that feel good (appreciate, count blessings, be thankful, look for the positives, remember happy memories, imagine happy scenarios).

Music that makes you feel good.

Do other things that make you happy. Be around people that are uplifting. Consume uplifting content.

Avoid all things that lower your vibration until you get in the vortex. And then practice feeling good no matter the condition thru one of the Abraham processes (ie: Focus Wheel) or something like EFT (which to me is just a Focus Wheel while tapping).