I like to remember daily that it is my feelings that matter the most. My life materializes according to my feelings.

I also have a control over how I feel. I don’t have to wait for good circumstances to feel good. I feel good first and then the good circumstances arrive.

Feeling good means I am at a positive vibration. My daily goal is to feel good as soon as I wake up and then maintain those good feelings throughout the day.

It is a bit like surfing. Catch a wave and ride it as long as possible. Crash into the water, laugh it off, and go back out to catch another way. Maintaining high vibrations is a bit like that.

It is also possible to stay on the high flying vibrations all day long. Mastery. I aim for mastery but don’t worry if I don’t hit the mark all the time.

It is possible to be happy consistently throughout the day no matter what happens. Unconditional happiness. Choosing to think happy thoughts no matter the condition. Hope. Optimism. Faith. Belief. Unconditional love. Choosing to think loving thoughts no matter what happens.

This is like the free throw percentage in basketball. Ideally I’d like 100% high vibration 100% of the time, and I will aim for that, but even 80% is great.

In the beginning though, even 10% is better than 0%. That’s how we start.

It is a science and it is an art. It takes practice and persistence.

Then it becomes a fun game. How can I choose to feel happy in this tough condition? How can I choose to feel love in this challenging situation?

The game of life is a game of managing vibrations. And vibrations are recognized thru feelings. The person who has mastered how they choose to feel has mastered the game of life!