Nowadays, I am using “if it fits your macros” method of eating. I also know which foods agree with my body and which don’t through lots of experiments. So I eat the same or similar things everyday and enjoy it.

There are many weight loss methods out there and I feel like I have tried them all including various meal delivery plans, all except keto. Maybe I’ve tried keto too, can’t remember now! (I do know someone having lots of success with keto.)

You gotta do what works for you and something that is enjoyable. Long term lifestyle change.

I’ve been hearing lots about Noom (thru ads and thru a friend who lost weight) and seeing Nutrisystem ads again on my tv. I’ve done Nutrisystem with success like 14 yrs ago. And I’ve thought of Weight Watchers a lot too as I know someone who is successful with that (I’ve tried WW too).

I’ve recently run into Alli diet pills (which block 25% of fat calories). Never tried em. And I saw Hydroxicut at the local pharmacy, which now seems to have mostly all natural ingredients. I remember hearing about this product many years ago.

I currently drink 1-2 packets of Celsius energy drink powder (caffeine + vitamins + metabolism boosters) and that has worked really well for me for about 8 months now.

For me, I had to find certain foods that work with my stomach as many other foods were causing issues. That took a lot of experimentation to discover. I also take medicine for the stomach and that has improved my life by a million percent.

All Weight Loss Diets Work