I caught up on some of favorite movies yesterday. Back to the future 1 & 2. The Nutty Professor. And Big Momma’s House. It was a movie day!

Martin Lawrence is one of the all time funniest in my book. I love his show Martin and his movies from that era. One of the best scenes in Big Momma’s House is when he is hiding in the bathroom as Big Momma comes in. Holy cow.

Eddie Murphy is so good in the Nutty Professor. So good. The dinner table scenes – I laughed out loud nonstop.

I can watch all three Back to the Futures in a row on loop. And I have in the past.

It’s been a while though since I have rewatched these movies. So good.

Today I read 1 John 4, Message Translation. God is Love. God Loves us. We Love God. And we are to Love one another. That is the message from this letter. Talk about a big task! We MUST Love one another!

That means accepting the pros and cons in everyone. All of us have pros and cons. Positives and Negatives. That is what I thought of when I read this letter.

No one has 100% good qualities. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. I must find a way to Love myself and others even though none of us are perfect.

As a matter of fact, if a person is super strong in one quality, it means they are super weak in another quality. Excellence requires imbalance. The greater the person, the greater their weakness. That is what I learned from one of Peter Drucker’s articles and also from personal experience noticing people.

Even the people I admire from afar have strong negative qualities I may be unaware of.

In any case, no one is as perfect as they seem or as I wish them to be.

Find a way to Love anyways and get along.

Life is good! Today is young. Super young. Let’s have fun and love as much as possible.