From personal experience, these are all the things a person in pain can try. There are short-term fixes we can use now while we work on the long-term stuff.

Mindfulness Meditation: reduces stress and this can reduce pain, over time.

EFT: remove negative thoughts and memories and change them into neutral or positive experiences thru tapping on acupuncture points while doing cognitive reframing.

Heat: heating pad, hot shower, hot bath, FIR sauna. For old nagging pain. Works well. Another idea is to soak a towel and microwave it to use as a heating pad.

Cold: for fresh injuries only. Ice packs, cold showers, ice baths, cold items.

Tylenol: up to 3000mg a day is safe to take, according to one of my doctors. He said this is one of the safest medications out there. Blocks pain for now but does not reduce inflammation.

Icy hot, biofreeze, lidocaine lotions. Distracts the body so that you no longer feel the pain.

CBD ingested can reduce inflammation and pain, over time. It could take a few weeks of regular use.

CBD infused creams: I have never tried these but heard from my counselor that this works for her.

Chiropractor – seems to reduce pain at the moment but caused more pain in the long term due to muscle bruising.

Acupuncture – seems to work kind of, but regular sessions per week are needed, and that is a hassle.

TENS Unit – works for the moment.

Yoga – long term benefits of being stronger, more flexible, healthier, etc.

Massage – works for a few days.

Electric massagers – kinda works for the moment.

Regular exercise: being fit works in the long term.

Celebrex – one doctor recommended this prescription medication, the generic version because it reduces pain and inflammation. I have never tried.

Cymbalta – my primary doctor said this is what they now use to treat pain with prescription medication. It can also improve mood. I have never tried it.

Energy Healing – seems to work to lift the spirits, especially if you believe in it.

Self-healing meditations – seem to work, just like mindfulness meditation, by practicing it regularly.

Raising your vibration – improving your mood even though you are in pain will help you find solutions that work for you. I have experienced this. Be happy anyway and ignore the pain or believe that it will go away soon. And some solution that works for you will come to you in the future.

Medical Cannabis – has been shown to reduce pain and has other benefits. It depends if it is legal in your area or not.

Did I miss anyrhing?

Oh yea…

Blood tests: can reveal other types of deficiencies in your body, like low vitamin d.

Fish oil – this may work; I have taken lots of fish oil in my life, but getting to high doses becomes a hassle, and it tastes terrible!

Fix your sleep posture.

You may need a new or better mattress for your body type.

Reduce and remove all stressors and negative things as best as possible. Try and feel as good as possible every day anyways. I am repeating this message because this is the essential technique for me.

Ask the experts—Doctors, physical therapists, pain specialists, and so on. Find one you like and believe in them and do as they say, and expect the solution to work. Do not focus on the “side effects” and worry – focus on the “positive benefits” and feel good.

Live a healthy lifestyle mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually – in the long term.

Losing weight works in the long term—the same thing as being fit.

Strength training. Have a stronger body.

Changing your diet can help. Get allergy tests done.

Foam rolling helps.

Cupping helps for a few days.