The purpose of life is to feel Joy, according to Abraham Hicks. Today I heard an audio clip where Jerry mentioned this. And I got it.

The purpose of life is to be at the highest vibration, in other words.

Abraham says that the highest vibration includes Joy, Appreciation, Love, Freedom, Knowledge, and Empowerment.

Unless I am feeling Joyful, or at least moving toward Joy, I am not following my purpose in life!

“Joy is the key.”

That is my purpose. That is my mission. That is my goal.



The mic is always on.

It is broadcasting to the entire universe. Everyone can hear what you are thinking, speaking, and writing.

That is how the game of life works.

There is no such thing as a secret or a private conversation.

“Even in your thoughts, do not curse the king, nor in your bedroom curse the rich, for a bird of the air will carry your voice, or some winged creature tell the matter.” – Ecc 10:20

I first heard of this idea from a Neville Goddard lecture and was recently reminded of it in an Abraham-Hicks talk.

Our vibrational microphone is always on and broadcasting to the universe.

What I think and how I feel is being sent out from me and law of attraction is bringing me matching manifestations. It just takes a bit of time, so most people don’t recognize the “packages” that they ordered with their secret thoughts.

“The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

This is known as the law of karma in some spiritual traditions. It is nothing more than our own thoughts coming back to us as matching manifestations some time in the future.

If we had a record of every thought, imagination, spoken word, and written word that we have ever uttered, we could track our current circumstances to what we said six months ago or five years ago.

The person who is aware of this law notices that there is a connection with their thoughts and what comes in the future.

This is a good reminder to myself that there is no such thing as a secret thought or a private journal. Everything is known by the universe energetically and every being reacts to me according to how I think and feel about them.

Never criticize, condemn, or complain as Dale Carnegie recommends. “Turn the other cheek” from unwanted and look towards wanted as much as possible.



If I had to tell a friend about Abraham for the first time, where would I start? I had that question come into my mind today.

Who is Abraham?

A group of high vibratory nonphysical teachers. Nonphysical means they are in the spirit realm.

We are also nonphysical spirits having a physical experience. Abraham is like NASA headquarters communicating with us astronauts while we are on Mars.

There is no number of Abraham beings. Just lots of them. Infinite. It is like trying to count the drops in the ocean.

You could call them Source energy. God energy. Love energy.

Esther is able to get their thoughts in her mind and use her own language to turn it into words. She translates and speaks the thoughts they send her.

Abraham is a law of attraction teacher. They teach how things are created in this world, how to turn thoughts into things. They teach the idea of vibration, how our emotions indicate which vibration we are currently at, and how to think properly to shift our vibration higher.

Why the name Abraham?

That is what Esther chose. Even though they are numerous nonphysical beings, she chose to call the collection as one name, Abraham. This is also a reference to the biblical Abraham as the beginning of multiple religions. The teachings are the same energy.

Anyone and everyone can do this, not just Esther.

This is what some religious folks call “the still small voice”, higher guidance, intuition, spirit, etc. Many authors, musicians, painters, and artists are channeling high vibratory source energy when they create their art. Many pastors and preachers are channeling when they give their sermons. Many athletes who are “in the zone” are channeling source energy.

Everyone can do this and every does do this at some point in their lives and days. It is simply a connection with spirit, the same Source that created everything. Some people call it the flow state.

Esther found herself channeling Abraham in 1985. There is a whole backstory to this that is written in their books and talked about in the introduction dvd and audiobook.

Jerry was originally into Think and Grow Rich and taught from the book. It worked for him and some students but not all. Esther was one of those students who attended his workshop. I believe she was an accountant looking to increase her business?

He wondered why the teachings did not work for all and looked for answers. He was interested in metaphysics and read the Seth books, experimented with ouija boards, and both Esther and Jerry met with Theo, who is channeled by Sheila Gilette.

Theo told them to meditate and use affirmations. Theo told Esther that she too is a channel and will meet her spirit guide.

After 9 months of meditating daily and having a desire to connect with her spirit guide, Esther started spelling words with her nose, tapping with her hands, and wrote words from Abraham on a typewriter.

Eventually she spoke words from Abraham out loud, I believe after two months of this, while narrowly avoiding a car accident. Abraham spoke thru Esther while they were driving and told them to take the next exit off the highway. Two large trucks were about to merge and would have ran into their vehicle otherwise.

When Esther began channeling Abraham, Jerry asked a bunch of questions that he had. This was recorded and Jerry shared the tapes with a few friends. Word spread. People wanted their own questions answered. They set up small gatherings that eventually became a global phenomenon.

One time while Jerry was still teaching a Think and Grow Rich workshop, Esther channeled Napoleon Hill. Hill told Jerry thru Esther that his work was also channeled. Since Hill could not say those types of things back in those days, he did not reveal his true source nor about the idea of vibration and nonphysical. All that was edited out of Think and Grow Rich.

The way the current Abraham content begins is through their live Q&A workshops that they hold in many US cities and occasionally overseas.

Abraham starts each workshop with a monologue and then calls on audience members who raise their hands and are a vibrational match. People ask questions, Abraham provides answers thru Esther Hicks.

The questions center around some type of life problem and Abraham provides guidance on how to allow a solution.

That content is turned into video dvds, audio cds & mp3s, and books.

There are raw mp3s that include the whole workshop and edited mp3s that have the best parts from a workshop. There are also topic-centered mp3s, cds, and dvds where content from many workshops are curated based on a single topic.

The one time I went to a workshop in 2012 or so, the total length was a whole day. I don’t remember the exact times, maybe from 9am to 5pm or something like that, with a lunch break and other short breaks.

Then the workshops became just the morning part. I think maybe from 9a to 1pm or something like that. If I remember correctly, this was because Esther found that the energy after folks had lunch and later in the day wasn’t as crisp and fresh as in the morning.

Nowadays the workshop is done via live video stream from Abraham-Hicks headquarters in San Antonio, Texas due to the current global situation.

There are also Abraham cruises that span over a few days as the ship travels to places like Alaska. People can enjoy a cruise, the scenery, be around like-minded people, and attend the Abraham workshops. Folks can buy the dvds or audio from those Q&A workshops as well.

From the various workshop audio tapes, folks started posting clips onto Youtube. Esther & Jerry Hicks started allowing people to post the clips as long as it was kept to 15 minutes or less. No copyright infringement as long as they credit Abraham-Hicks.

Originally people posted audio clips with simple landscape backgrounds. That evolved into Abraham cartoons and various other creative formats.

Thus now there seems to be INFINITE Abraham material on youtube on ANY subject one may want to know about. Literally all questions you may have will likely have Abraham answers on youtube.

So it is super beneficial and I am thankful for Esther and Jerry to allow this and for the posters who took the time to curate and upload the videos.

Jerry has passed on to the other side a few years back and Esther is still happily around. I believe they have one daughter Tracy and a couple of grandkids. All this I heard thru various workshop audio.

There is no dying according to Abraham and Jerry is still with us and intensely interested in this work.

According to Abraham, Jerry wanted to show us that there is no death by dying and acting “as a bridge” to the other side. Meaning, he is saying there is no need to fear the reaper by facing the reaper and seeing for himself. It is a bit like Columbus sailing to show us that the Earth wasn’t flat and that we will not fall off the edge of the world.

Many people around the world have had Jerry encounters in their dreams and I also have had those. I have never met Jerry in real life, except from afar at one workshop, yet he has appeared in my dreams and has given me support and guidance at times.

Back to Abraham content. There is also an official Abraham Hicks website and youtube channel with lots of helpful stuff.

Abraham also wrote a bunch of books, some are in question-and-answer format where Jerry asked the questions and Esther allowed the answers. A lot of their books have cds inside the physical book and written transcripts from their workshops at the end of the book. The audiobooks have the live workshop audio included at the end.

Ask and it is given. The basics of law of attraction. The astonishing power of emotions. The amazing power deliberate intent. Money and the law of attraction. The vortex. Those are their six books.

Then there are three fictional books written by Esther and inspired by Abraham called the Sara books. That is mainly aimed at kids but I loved them too.

You can find Abraham books and audiobooks thru HayHouse publishing. Louise Hay became a friend of Jerry and Esther and wanted to publish their work to bring it to a worldwide audience. You can buy Abraham books, some dvds, and audio directly from the HayHouse webstore and listen to all the audiobooks on HayHouse Unlimited app for a low monthly price.

Abraham books are also available at various bookstores, Abraham Hicks website, and of course Amazon (physical, kindle version, audiobooks).

There were two “New Beginning” Abraham books that are no longer relevant. Those were published in the late 1980s I believe. That Abraham is a bit different than the Abraham we are all familiar with now.

There is one Abraham vortex meditation cd/mp3, many affirmation card decks, and affirmation phone apps. There are also music inspired by Abraham that others have produced, which are available at the Abraham Hicks website.

There is a book written by an ex Abraham-Hicks employee called “Travels with Abraham.” She ended up marrying the Abraham-Hicks truck driver and helper who was originally a questioner at a workshop. Sandi and Scotty. I am sure Abraham fans have seen Scotty at the workshops and heard about him on some of the audio tapes. His original workshop question and Abraham’s answer is also on youtube.

There is an Abraham dvd where Wayne Dyer asks all the questions. That can also be found as audio and a book.

And folks can get a free introductory audio on the basics of Abraham on their website. This is the same cd they gave out for free at their workshops.

I have been an Abraham Hicks student and fan since 2008. I believe I discovered them right after reading/watching The Secret. Abraham, Esther, and Jerry were originally part of The Secret but were later edited out due to contractual disagreements.

So where would my friend start with Abraham? There is just so much stuff!

I suppose the real answer is for them to see where they are naturally led. Most people will find and enjoy Abraham thru youtube.

My favorite is still the Basics of Law of Attraction book by Abraham, which was transcribed and edited from the audio version where Jerry asks questions. That audio is also available and is awesome.

I especially love the three books in one deal on kindle. It has Basics of Law of Attraction, Money and the Law of Attraction, and The Vortex.

I do love ALL Abraham content though. I have nearly all their work in many formats and constantly learn from youtube clips as well.

With all that content available in many formats, I am still not sure if there is one place where it is written what exactly a person is to do though. For the beginner, there is no one place that tells them what to do.

My understanding?

Meditate and Appreciate.

That’s pretty much it. Boil all the Abraham content down and it comes to that.

The purpose of meditation and appreciation is to raise your vibration. To feel emotionally good. That is the end result we are after. Figure out a way to feel as good as possible. Good feeling emotions indicate a high vibration.

No matter what happens or has happened or may happen in the future, figure out a way to think thoughts that make you feel good. Maintain your high vibration as much as possible.

Do this for every topic that is important to you. Health, wealth, relationships. Any topic that is currently bugging you, figure out a way to feel good about it.

Or ignore the bad topic altogether and focus on a topic that makes you feel good. Just by feeling good by any means necessary, the bad topics will also eventually fix themselves.

Why? Because high vibration (feeling good) is the solution to all problems. Source knows the answer. When we feel good, we are able to hear from Source in better ways.

There is an Emotional Guidance Scale, listing the 22 different vibrations, in their Ask and it is Given book. The same chart can be found on google.

All Abraham teaching is about moving up this scale by thinking better feeling thoughts. Think like source thinks. Think how “God” thinks. Loving, compassionate, hopeful, optimistic, appreciative, joyful thoughts. Raise your vibration to those emotional levels.

When the vibration is high, you get answers in the form of intuition and hunches from the spirit world (your inner being, higher self, nonphysical world, source, universe, god, etc.).

Things work out when you are at a high vibration. People and things react differently to you at different vibrations. So it pays to be at the highest vibration possible today and to do that again tomorrow.

How do you raise vibration?

Abraham offers 22 processes in their book Ask and It Is Given. Those processes are also used by Abraham in their talks with questioners at the workshop.

Both Meditation and Appreciation are processes. The best processes.

Meditation (quieting the mind) automatically raises vibration because the only thing that lowers vibration is negative thinking.

Write pages and pages about things you Appreciate because Appreciation is at the highest vibration. Notice things that you appreciate in your immediate vicinity. Speak words of appreciation. This is like “counting your blessings” and going into as much detail as possible about why you love those blessings.

Sometimes it is difficult to Appreciate if you are at a low vibration. Thus Abraham offers 22 different processes that are recommended according to how you are currently feeling. Different processes are beneficial at different vibrations.

You don’t have to solely rely on Abraham processes to raise vibration. Any process that makes you feel better is a good process.

Find a way to feel good first and the rest works out better than you could have imagined. Trust and believe that it WILL work out for you. Be at ease, not at dis-ease. That is the entire summary of Abraham teachings as I understand and remember it.

Relax more. Enjoy more. Do more fun things. Be happy more. Chill out more. Do more things you love. Laugh more. Watch fun and funny movies. Listen to happy good music. Be around happy loving fun people. Get massages. Hang out in the sun and in nature. Move the body. Drink lots and lots of water. Breathe slow, long, and deep. Breath is a way to connect with spirit.

Law of attraction works based on how you are currently feeling. You change how you are feeling thru how you are thinking and the things you choose to do. But mainly by how you are thinking.

There is a lag time between how you are thinking and feeling and what physically manifests. It takes time. Some things come today, some things tomorrow, and so on.

A human baby takes around nine months to come out of the womb after conception. A chicken hatches in twenty-one days. An elephant takes around twenty-two months. This is an analogy of how things take time to physically materialize. Be happy, joyful, appreciative, and expectant during the whole journey.

Don’t worry about how it will come or when or where. Just feel good. It will happen at the right time and you will take the right inspired action as long as you are feeling good.

This is the idea of being present in the now moment, not regretting the past or worrying about the future. This is also the idea of “surrendering” and being detached to the outcome. Some people call it “god’s will.” Let go and let god.

The first, fastest, and most important physical manifestation is how you are feeling. You can manifest a better feeling right now. That is the entire purpose of Abraham’s teaching. Feel better now.

Do whatever it takes to feel better now. Your emotion is the gps telling you if you are headed the right way or the wrong way. Feel better = headed the right way. Feel bad or worse = headed the wrong way. There is only one road with two directions on the emotional journey. One direction leads to well being and the other direction leads to lack and limitation.

I could go on and on, because I love Abraham teachings SO MUCH, but that is all there is to it. Feel better about every subject that is important to you. Feel as good as possible most of the day. When you feel bad, stop. Figure out a way to feel good again.

Every moment that you feel good now, your future manifestations are going to be good. Remember that law of attraction is a magnetic principle that matches manifestations based on feeling.

You feel good by thinking positive thoughts, speaking and writing positive thoughts, imagining positive scenarios, being around positive people, consuming positive media, and doing things that feel good.

Your today was based on past thinking and feeling. Your tomorrows are based on how you think and feel today. Plant as many good seeds as possible today.



I love this talk by Abraham.

Sometimes I’ll listen to the same Abraham audio 10 or 20 times in a row until I start to really get it. This was the one from today.

I will focus on the first portion of the audio before the questioner talks.

Abraham is talking about getting into the high flying disc, aka high vibration, as soon as we wake up.

Everyone is at the high vibration as soon as they wake up because during sleep, they released “resistance.” Resistance means negative-feeling thoughts.

By default, when we don’t think anything, we raise our vibration. Sleep is a prolonged period of not thinking, a kind of unconscious meditation. Quoting The Dalai Lama, “sleep is the best meditation.”

After 7-9 hours of meditation known as sleep, we will wake up in a high vibration. What we think in those first 17 seconds will set up the momentum for this day and future days.

We have a choice over what we think. Sometimes it feels like thoughts just come into our minds, and they do due to past momentum, but we can choose a new thought on purpose.

Dalai Lama also said, “One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

And he must know being an expert meditation practitioner most of his life. I read that he meditates something like 5 hours a day. He also sleeps for 8 hours a day. I am sure he is meditating (being mindful, not thinking, chanting mantras) even while being active during the day. Thus his whole day & life is a form of meditation!

Getting back to Abraham. We all wake up at a high vibration because we “meditated” for 7-9 hours or however long we slept. We can choose what to think as our first main thought of the day regardless of what happened yesterday.

We have the power to think on purpose and to focus on purpose and it is easiest to do that first thing in the morning. This is a practice and a discipline, sure, but something that all of us are capable of doing.

We can be aware of how we are thinking and feeling throughout the day. It is within our power to pay attention to how we are feeling during all parts of the day and we can develop the self-discipline to change what we are speaking, hearing, thinking, seeing, reading, doing, or writing as soon as we feel negative emotion. This is also a discipline that gets better with practice.

And we can continue this routine for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and watch our whole life change. And we have it within our power to practice this for years and years and forever more.

All we can control is this moment. What we think right now. That is my understanding of mindfulness, which is really about mind emptiness. Being present equals empty mind. Empty mind equals high vibration.

Positive thinking also raises vibration. Positive emotions indicate high vibration.

We stack up many of these moments until we are consistently at the high vibrations most of the time and positive momentum will take over to make it easier to stay at the high vibration most of the time.

This is like the flywheel analogy or the tipping point analogy. In the beginning, it takes a lot of effort to move the flywheel a tiny bit. After a while, once momentum takes over, the flywheel keeps moving even with a tiny bit of effort. Another analogy is the snowball that grows larger and larger as it rolls.

We start all of this as soon as we wake up by thinking the best positive thought that is available to us and focusing on it long enough to build positive momentum for the day.



Meditate for one hour.



I found myself revisiting the main source code for creation.

Ask, Believe, Receive.

I used to think that these were three separate steps.

1. Ask

2. Believe

3. Receive

Now I understand that there is only one real step. Believe. All I have to do and all I can do is Believe.

I don’t have to keep Asking because I activate lack when I do that. Asking means I don’t have it yet.

Asking happens automatically according to Abraham. I don’t need to keep thinking it, writing it, or speaking it. It already happened automatically when I encountered things that were unwanted.

All Asking is done vibrationally. When there is Lack of any kind (health, wealth, relationships), Plenty is automatically asked by me and given by source. Ask and it is given.

I can’t forcefully Receive. I can’t make it happen. It is more about Allowing it to happen, as Abraham teaches.

So, Asking happens automatically. Receiving happens automatically. My job is to Believe.

Belief is simply thoughts I keep thinking. Repeated thoughts. Inner self talk, spoken word, written word, and what I mentally imagine. I can certainly change that. That is my work.

When I do it correctly, I will feel more positive. Then I know I am on the right track.

Said simply, Belief is about feeling Joy and Appreciation by thinking thoughts that evoke those emotions.



Thoughts are what create. Thinking creates our lives. Feelings indicate if we are creating wanted or unwanted.

Deliberate creating, as Abraham-Hicks calls it, is basically the idea of misunderstanding on purpose. Misunderstanding every situation as positive and beneficial for us.

Toe hurts? That means my toe cells are alive and well. My toe knows what to do. I will just chill out and relax.

Car mishap? That was meant to be and an even better car is on its way to me now.

Husband left? Wow this is fantastic news. Since everything is always working out for me, this is another one of those things that are working out for me. I am excited to see what new surprises are in store for me.

3 months to live? Woohoo, this is the best news yet. I am going to enjoy every moment of every day and maximize my happiness. Now I can eat all the cookies, cakes, and brownies I want!



(Using the Abraham-Hicks model combined with many other teachers.)

1. Feel Good First.

Meditate (Abe Hicks vortex meditation, TM, other)

Appreciate (count blessings, list things that I love, list happy memories, list happy parts of a person/place/thing, imagine happy scenarios, speak happy thoughts out loud)


Move body (yoga, walk, stretch, other)

Breathe at a pace of 5 in and 5 out

Drink lots and lots of water

Whatever else that gets the job done.

Of course, eat, sleep, rest, play, and take care of those things.

Eliminate bad-feeling people, places, things, thoughts as best as possible and replace with good-feeling ones.

This is known as “getting inside the vortex,” meaning get into the top 4 emotional levels on Abe’s vibrational scale.

Rule #1 every single day is to “get inside the vortex.” Feel as good as possible first. Get into high vibration. Write out this rule and the methods to feel good on a piece of paper (and in the phone and laptop and many places) and review it frequently every day. Read it after waking up, multiple times during the day, and before sleep.

2. Think about what I want most of the time, after feeling good, and as long as it feels good.

If what I want feels bad, but I feel good currently, I can do EFT, Focus Wheel, or another process to feel good about what I want by removing negative beliefs and installing positive beliefs.

If what I want feels bad, and I also feel bad currently, it is better to change the subject to anything else that will make me feel good. Distraction.

Write out what I want and read it frequently (after waking up, during the day, before sleep). I can be as general or as specific as I want, as long as it feels good.

Is it the right job I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Is it the right romantic relationship I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Is it the right physical health that I want? Describe it in writing and review it frequently.

Dedicate a certain percentage of my mind to think about this desire. Maybe 80% of my daily mind is thinking about what I want, as long as it feels good. Only as long as it feels good. If and when it starts to feel bad, do something else that feels good.

Thinking about what I want could be imagination, self talk, affirmations, writing it out, thinking of ideas and plans, speaking it out loud, speaking it out loud while looking at myself in the mirror, discussing it with others who are able to help, reading about it, hearing about it (audio programs, video programs, recorded affirmations), seeing what I want (images, video clips, watching others who are doing it), researching the topic, studying the topic, and so on. ONLY AS LONG AS IT FEELS GOOD and to stop when it starts feeling bad.

Get into high vibration. Maintain high vibration while mostly thinking about what I want. Stop as soon as the vibration starts to lower. Get back into high vibration. Repeat daily.



I want to translate this talk using my understanding of Abraham Hicks teachings.

I have been big on Earl Nightingale content recently. His talks are great because they contain all the info I need in a short concise format. It contains theory and practice. Beginning, middle and end without having to read a whole book or listen to hours of lectures.

This whole talk is about Law of Thinking (as Louise Hay calls it), Mind Science (Reverend Ike), and Deliberate Creation (Abe Hicks).

This is about Law of Attraction and how to use this law to our advantage on purpose rather than by accident.

We attract into our lives using our Mind (thinking). We become what we think about. That is the theory.

The idea of having a Goal means that most people think randomly. Only a few successful people have definite goals, purposeful destinations.

The practice is to remember to do this daily by using checklists and how to think on purpose (by reviewing our goals frequently.)

We can think on purpose or think randomly and automatically. When we think on purpose, we get what we think about.

When we think randomly and automatically, we also get what we think about, but it will be a grab bag of random things, a little of this and a little of that. A mixture of good and bad.

The purpose of deliberate thinking is to increase the yield of good (wanted) and reduce the yield of bad (unwanted). To improve our batting average, using a baseball analogy. Or to improve our free throw percentage, using a basketball analogy.

In one case, we plant apple seeds to get apple trees by thinking of apple trees, buying the seeds, planting it, and taking care of it.

In the other case, we grab a random mix of seeds and get some weeds and bushes and trees and flowers and cabbage and maybe an apple tree (though the odds are slim!)

Towards the end of the talk, Earl gives a checklist that one should have. I love this part.

1. Have a Goal

Meaning, have a desire, want, worthy destination. Purpose. Most people don’t have a goal or a purpose. Said in Abe terminology, most people think randomly, wanted and unwanted. The goal is to think about wanted things, positive things. Earl talks about specific goals while Abraham teaches mostly general goals.

2. Positive Attitude

Very important to have a cheerful, optimistic, can-do attitude. Positive Mental Attitude as Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone call it. High Vibration (“being in the vortex”) as Abraham-Hicks calls it. Positive attitude is through positive thinking which results in positive feelings.

3. Think

Take time to think. Think on paper. Think out loud. Think in the mind. Imagine. Think with others. Think alone. Have pen and pads of paper handy everywhere. Think on the phone in the notes app or google docs.

4. Truth

Integrity, honesty, building your life on truth. Following the Golden Rule. Honest dealings. Doing things the right way even when people aren’t watching.

5. Research & Development

Keep investing time, money, and energy into learning and improving. All the great companies invest in r&d and so should the individual person.

6. The Strangest Secret

The idea that “I become what I think about most of the time.”

This is due to Law of Attraction. The Law states that this is an inclusion-based universe, not exclusion-based, as Abraham says.

It is a magnetic principle. It works all the time for every being.

Meaning, if I think about it, I am bringing it into my life. I can’t think of something and say I don’t want that.

I can’t think of disease and say I don’t want that. I have to think of good health instead. “Let the weak say, I am strong.” It is not “Let the weak say my back hurts and I have no energy but I don’t want that.”

Luckily there is time in this physical universe, things don’t come asap when I think about it. There is a buffer zone of time. And a person usually thinks about thousands of things every day. Most people aren’t thinking about one thing or just a handful of things “most of the time.”

If I concentrate, focus, and think about a Goal (Desire in Abe terms) most of the time, it must come.

But there is fine print that Abraham teaches that other teachers did not in the past. *If it feels good.

Feelings (emotions) are the key indicator.

If I think about a Goal (Desire) AND it feels good, then I am attracting it into my life. If I think about a Goal and it feels bad, I am pushing it away from my life.

If I think about a white Tesla and it feels good, I am bringing it closer and closer into my life. If I think about a white Tesla and it feels bad, I am pushing it away and not only that, I am lowering my overall vibration and more “bad-feeling” things will come into my life.

Different emotions are indicators of different vibrations, as Abraham teaches. Once a person is at a Disappointment vibrational level because they thought about a white Tesla but felt the lack of it because they don’t have it yet, they are now attracting more things that match Disappointment because Law of Attraction brings you more things based on how you Feel.

Now that person has to either change the subject to a better one, think differently and more positively about their desire, meditate, or sleep to uplift themself! Shifting vibration takes work.

So Abraham suggests having either General Goals (Desires) or Specific Goals (Desires), *based on how it feels.

In Abraham teachings, the purpose of a goal isn’t to create it. It already exists. The purpose of thinking of a goal is to align with it. To think and feel like we already have it. As if it already exists and we are so happy and thankful.

You can have a goal that you will weigh a certain exact weight by a certain exact date (specific goal) IF that goal excites you and makes you feel good.

Or you can have a goal that you will maintain a healthy good-feeling body (general goal) IF that goal makes you feel good.

If there is no way you can think about your body and still feel good, ignore that subject for now and think about anything else that makes you feel good.

Being at a high vibration is the whole point of the game. From a high vibration, ideas and solutions and inspiration come to you at some point in time. It may not be today but maybe a week from now or a month from now.

So think about what you want. This could be general or specific. We all want good health, love, happiness, prosperity, success, joy, etc. Those are general goals. Some people want a white tesla and others may want a red corvette. That is a specific goal.

Have a positive cheerful attitude. Meaning, stay at the high emotional vibrations.

Deal honestly because dealing honestly is high vibration anyways. Follow the golden rule. Only lackful people (low vibratory people) deal with dishonesty because they think they have to lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want.

Think more and act less. Most people act a lot and don’t think at all.

Keep learning and improving. Sharpen the saw.

And remind yourself everyday that we get what we think (and feel) most of the time. Have a physical checklist. Place it where you will see it daily. Earl recommends taping it to your bathroom mirror.

If 80% of the day we are feeling great because we are thinking about what we want, that is fantastic.

If we are only feeling great 5% of the day, more work is needed. That work is to think properly and positively and consistently and persistently.

Keep doing it every day. It takes time. There is momentum.

Start with having one good hour of positive thinking and feeling. Or just fifteen minutes. Turn that into half a day sometime in the future. Then make it almost a whole day of positive thinking and positive feeling. Keep doing it.

The goal is to Think about what you want (positive things, general or specific) most of the time. When you think about positive things, you will feel positive. Feeling positive is the indicator that you are doing this right.

Eventually you will become unconditionally loving and unconditionally joyful.

Being “happy for no reason.”

“Love what is.”

Then you are consistently at the highest vibration and the law will bring you more things to be happy about and feel love about all the days of your life! That is the law. It is a magnet. It works for everyone all the time.

Oh, I wanted to add this too. Abraham (and many teachers today) teach meditation. The purpose of meditation, according to Abraham, is to not think in order to raise vibration. The only thing that lowers vibration is negative thinking. Quieting the mind automatically raises vibration. That is also something that is missing from older goal-setting teachings.

Action steps:

Have a physical checklist of things to do daily to maintain high vibration.

Look at it first thing in the morning, frequently during the day, and before sleep.

Have a physical book with dates and action steps written on it. Check it off daily. This is to see what you want to do and to see that you did it. Data. Track record.

Meditate daily. (15 mins using Abraham vortex meditation, a meditation cd or audio, youtube meditations, or something like TM.). Have it on the checklist and check it off in a separate notepad after it is done for the day.

Write a list of blessings, list of appreciation, etc. Do it long enough to evoke emotions and momentum. Either get to a number (50, 100) or do it for a certain time (30 mins, 60 mins). If I just make a short list of 10, that usually doesn’t evoke any emotions for me. It takes like a good 30 minutes or an hour for me to really feel it.

Meditation and Appreciation (counting blessings) are daily mandatory activities from my point of view. Both raise vibration (emotion) to the highest levels.

Every other goal (desire) depends on the individual person.

All goals will fall under Health, Wealth, or Relationship categories and specific action steps to be done daily or regularly.

Some examples:

Moving the body for a certain period of time.

Drinking certain amount of water.

Taking certain food and supplement items.

Certain business or career tasks.

Going out in nature a certain number of times a week.

Learning and reading for a certain period of time.

Certain relationship tasks. Keeping in touch with people. Remembering their birthdays. Doing things for them.

Being focused. We can’t think of all things all the time. So we pick the most important goal (desire) that takes care of most needs and focus on that most of the time, while feeling good.



I once heard a successful person teaching loa that I am to write 300 desires down. It could take some time but get to 300 things that I want. Then read the list after waking up and read it before sleep. Then check it off as it manifests.

I like that idea.

Today, while listening to Abraham-Hicks, I had a thought that I could write down 300 things that have already materialized. Things that have gone right in my life. Things that are already working well.

In other words, counting my blessings to at least 300. I am sure I could eventually get to a 1000 or 10,000.

The purpose of this activity is to activate appreciation, joy, thankfulness, etc. The goal is to feel good by looking at what is working and what has worked. Feeling is the key.

As Abraham teaches, whenever I feel good, I am on the right track of attracting more good.

Writing 300 desires that I want in the future could make me feel good but it also has a chance to activate lack.

On the other hand, writing 300 things that are my blessings has a better chance of activating positive feelings.

Even if I spent an hour a day counting my blessings for the rest of my life, I am sure I will never run out of things to be thankful for!