Clearly, I have shifted my vibration (feeling) around exercise. Now it has become fun, enjoyable, and something I look forward to.

I still pep talk myself everyday though. I need fresh motivation and inspiration daily as soon as I wake up.

I wrote a script for myself that I read daily. It is a list of true affirmations and reasons I exercise. That helps.

Then I will do some eft on myself and talk why I don’t feel like working out (the negative) and then why I will work out (the positive).

I suppose this is like “prepaving” and “segment intending” as Abraham Hick teaches. Talking to myself about working out before working out.

I imagine myself feeling so good after the workout is done. Today is a brand new day and I start fresh today. The score is always 0-0 as Michael Jordan thinks on every basketball possession. Today is always Day One as Jeff Bezos thinks.

I use whatever motivation I can find to just get started. Starting is the biggest move of the day. Getting up and standing up is the main task. The exercise is easy after that.

I then text my friends that I am about to get slabbed up. That is the last step in my motivation process.

Yesterday I did quite a lot of workouts throughout the day. Cardio. Neck and back stretches. More stretches later. Yoga. And Qigong. I think I did even more stretches later. And a self healing visualization.

Fun! Easy.



Today is day 7 out of 7 of working out. My minimum goal is to work out 3 times a week for 20 minutes.

Did not plan on working out today though I did 10 minutes of neck stretches in the morning. I planned to do 10 mins of back stretches in the evening.

But as night time came, I found myself annoyed and irritated about a subject.

This frustration started turning into anger and restlessness.

Instead of dousing this anger with meditation or positive thoughts, I remembered that I could use this as fuel in order to workout.

What would MJ do for motivation?

Find real and imagined slights in order to find motivation to get better and win.

We cannot always rely on others to motivate us by inspiring us or pissing us off. So we can remember past memories to get motivated and if one doesn’t come to mind, we can make up an imaginary scenario!

This current annoyance that I found myself in turned into precious motivation and fuel to work out.

So I did a session of DDP Yoga energy routine, which I have memorized, and I paired it with another rewatch of an episode from The Last Dance.

I finished my workout with some warm up stretches that I learned in my Pranic classes.

Total of about 35 mins. Victory!



This song, on loop, definitely “puts me in the vortex.” Maybe it will do the same for you too!



Well, today is 6 days in a row.

My weekly goal is 20 mins 3x a week. So these workouts I am doing now are a bonus!


The main incentive is that it makes me feel good today. Feeling good means I raised my vibration and now the magnet known as law of attraction bring me more things that match how I feel. So feeling as good as possible everyday is my main priority.

I count time now, not calories burned, weight, waist measurements, or other types of stats. Sometimes I check heart rate to make sure it is in the good zone. And I count how many days per week on a visual calendar.

I woke up and meditated as usual. Today was TM meditation. Meditation before exercise is also a good technique as it reduces resistance, something I picked up from a Jerry Seinfeld interview.

Then I listened to some random youtube and surfing as I drank my triple black tea with some powdered ginger honey and a couple of stevia packets. And some creamer powder. I also drank my celsius caffeine + metabolism booster powder too. I enjoy caffeine and my body responds really well to it.

Then came the self talk and self motivation. I don’t need to work out today, I thought, since I already met my goal. But what would Michael Jordan do? What would Dwayne Johnson do?

Today is also my reward day. I have a massage booked to treat my body.

I talked to myself and then thought that I really want to feel as good as possible. I want to get inside the vortex, as Abraham says. I am willing to do whatever it takes to raise my vibration as high as possible as early in the day as possible.

I could do a light workout, I thought. Some type of stretching and loosening. I did cardio the last two days.

Then I texted my friends to tell them that I’m about to pop off a workout. That always serves as extra incentive.

Then I did about 11 mins of DDP Yoga energy routine which I have memorized. I paired the workout with a Joel Osteen video titled “Empty Out the Negative.” I enjoy positive mental programming.

After 11 mins, I felt like doing something else.

I could’ve pushed thru but I had the idea to switch to Spring Forest Qigong 5 Element Routine, which I also have memorized.

I paired the next 11 mins of Qigong with Michael Jordan stories on youtube, one of my all time favorite things to listen to.

Thus today is a big win already! It was easy. And the exercise momentum is going very strong and has become enjoyable. My vibration (feeling) on the subject of exercise has turned positive.

Having fun is the key. Having fun before, during, and after exercise is my goal. Fun = high vibration.

I hope you get a chance to move your body today too! Exercise can be fun and it can for sure raise our vibration.



This beginner workout is definitely more intense than yesterday’s cardio – yet enjoyable and fun. Positive and uplifting. Fresh and new.

2021 is the year of getting slabbed up for me and I am sharing my insights and lessons with you.

It is all about changing how I think and feel about “exercise”. When exercise feels enjoyable and fun, the vibration has shifted to a positive one.

I have a strong desire to be “slabbed up” as I call it. A strong, lean, fit, toned, flexible, muscular, good-feeling body. The way to get slabbed up is thru exercise of course, which is the action step.

The way to get slabs is to do exercise regularly and consistently. We can exercise the hard way or the easy way. Meaning, I can exercise from a low vibration or exercise from a high vibration.

The word vibration and feeling are interchangeable. Emotions indicate vibration. So I can be happy and have fun while I exercise or be unhappy while exercising. Both methods work but I’d rather exercise while having fun at the same time.

This requires talking to myself with positive motivation and inspiration, giving myself pep talks, using outside motivation and inspiration, choosing exercises that are fun, keeping a visible calendar that I can put a checkmark on as an accomplishment for the day, blogging about it to build more positive momentum, and giving myself immediate, medium term, and long term rewards as incentives.

Basically I must figure myself out and talk to myself and give myself incentives to keep exercising.

Today’s incentive was pep talks. Then eft tapping because I did not want to exercise. Then giving myself a break and saying it is okay if I don’t exercise. Texting my friends saying I am about to exercise. Watching some DJ Khaled and Michael Jordan videos. Writing out reasons I didn’t feel like exercising and then finding solutions to those reasons. More eft tapping. Caffeine in the form of celsius packets that I also drink for a metabolism booster.

Then I thought of incentivizing myself with food as my weekly reward. I noticed that a local Filipino catering place was available for delivery! I do love Filipino egg rolls and haven’t had them in years! So I had fun filling out my cart with Filipino food. But did not order it, just had fun packing my cart. I didn’t really feel like eating it after-all when I got to checkout.

Then I paced around the house. Telling myself I just have to stand up and press play and can stop at any time. Checked my heart rate and noticing it was really low and got motivated to get it up to feel rejuvenated.

And then somehow I ended up finding the video above and doing most of it!

My current exercise goal is 20 mins for 3x a week. I have done 20 mins or more 5 days in a row however, beating my minimum weekly goal.

I expect my vibration around exercise to become more positive as I continue to change my thinking and take consistent fun-feeling action.

Oh before I go, I will share this tidbit with you. My motivation for exercise is no longer to lose weight, burn calories, or gain muscles – though those things will happen as a natural side effect.

My motivation to exercise is that it will shift my mood for the rest of the day, thus get me “in the vortex.”

When I am in the vortex, meaning high emotional vibrations, every desire I want is being allowed by me in that moment.

Feeling good is the key to loa according to Abraham Hicks.

Exercise is a surefire way that I can raise my vibration and allow law of attraction to bring my all time desires, one by one.

This is the strongest motivating factor and incentive for me to work out!



Now that I have changed my vibration towards easy weight release and easy meal planning – now I am changing my vibration (feeling) around exercise to make it fun, enjoyable, and something I feel like doing regularly.

Part of that desire was finding something fun and light to do.

I found this beginner cardio workout on Amazon Prime and it is also available on Youtube.

Fun, funny, light hearted, uplifting, and enjoyable – yet raised my heart rate and gave me a good workout!



Feel good by any means possible. (Preferably thru easy methods than difficult ones.)

Choose to think and do things that feel good.

Choose to feel good no matter what happens or what doesn’t happen.

Choose to send thoughts of positivity (prosperity, prayers, good energy, appreciation, respect, admiration, love, joy, blessings, happiness, thanks, peace, good health) to everyone you meet and everyone you think of. Bathe everyone in divine love. (Don’t forget to include yourself also.)

Pretend (imagine, visualize) that everything is working out wonderfully for yourself and everyone else.

Choose Love no matter what. Choose Joy no matter what. Choose it for selfish reasons.

Joy is the key that unlocks your vault that contains all of your blessings.



I like to remember daily that it is my feelings that matter the most. My life materializes according to my feelings.

I also have a control over how I feel. I don’t have to wait for good circumstances to feel good. I feel good first and then the good circumstances arrive.

Feeling good means I am at a positive vibration. My daily goal is to feel good as soon as I wake up and then maintain those good feelings throughout the day.

It is a bit like surfing. Catch a wave and ride it as long as possible. Crash into the water, laugh it off, and go back out to catch another way. Maintaining high vibrations is a bit like that.

It is also possible to stay on the high flying vibrations all day long. Mastery. I aim for mastery but don’t worry if I don’t hit the mark all the time.

It is possible to be happy consistently throughout the day no matter what happens. Unconditional happiness. Choosing to think happy thoughts no matter the condition. Hope. Optimism. Faith. Belief. Unconditional love. Choosing to think loving thoughts no matter what happens.

This is like the free throw percentage in basketball. Ideally I’d like 100% high vibration 100% of the time, and I will aim for that, but even 80% is great.

In the beginning though, even 10% is better than 0%. That’s how we start.

It is a science and it is an art. It takes practice and persistence.

Then it becomes a fun game. How can I choose to feel happy in this tough condition? How can I choose to feel love in this challenging situation?

The game of life is a game of managing vibrations. And vibrations are recognized thru feelings. The person who has mastered how they choose to feel has mastered the game of life!



Love this talk. I wanna share my understanding and interpretation with you.

Questioner lost his job a year and a half ago. He has sent hundreds of resumes in a determined fashion, yet no job.

Now he knows what he wants to do with his life. The only missing ingredient is the money to do it.

So Abraham jokes that the only missing thing to his path of happiness and fulfillment is money. Now he needs to find the path to the money.

If he needs money in order to do the thing he wants to do in order to be happy, he will be looking for that his whole life.

The easier path is to feel happy first and then let the money and jobs and whatnot come after.

Simply said, his only work is to “get on the high flying disc.” This means, the only work is to “get in the vortex” – which translated means the first 4 vibrations on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

Feel happy right now by any means and then sustain that and the path will unfold to him in the form of inspired ideas and solutions.

Be happy first. Don’t look to get the job or the money in order to be happy.

And any action taken while unhappy will yield low results. Sending 100s of resumes while feeling frustration or lack yielded him with no jobs.

He can use that same determination to focus on feeling happy every day. Inspired action taken from a happy emotional place yields tremendous results.

That is what I got out of this wonderful talk.



Love love love this talk that I found last nite.

Let me “translate” it using my words and understanding of what Abraham Hicks is saying here.

Questioner is pondering which job to take. She is a prosecuting lawyer. She wonders which job will help her maintain her alignment. Can she be in alignment as she represents the government in cases against people and potential criminals.

Abraham mentions that the job you choose does not matter, you can learn to be in alignment no matter the circumstances. This is a Step 4 question, they say.

This is how I understand the steps.

Step 1: You experience contrast (variety, some wanted some unwanted). At this point, you are not “in the vortex.” You are at the lower emotions on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale. The Vortex consists of the first 4 emotional vibrations.

Step 2: Source answers immediately as you experience unwanted. Source becomes the wanted aspect of that. Ask and it is Given immediately, vibrationally in the spirit realm (nonphysical reality).

Step 3: To get the solution physically, in this physical reality, we have to be a vibrational (emotional) match. The key that unlocks your treasure chest full of manifestations is Feelings.

You must raise your emotions (vibrations) in whatever way that works for you to get “into the vortex,” into the first 4 vibrations on Abraham’s scale.

In simple terms, you must become happy and joyful and thankful and appreciative and loving in whatever way possible. You must be positive and have faith.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation, Belief

Those vibrations are “in the vortex”.

Once you are in the vortex, manifestations come to you in the form of positive feelings, inspired ideas, hunches, gut feelings, guidance, synchronicities, and so on that lead you to the physical manifestations.

Step 4: This is about maintaining your high vibrations consistently, regularly, most of the time. It is like flying. Fly more of the time in the high vibrations. Stay in the vortex as much as possible.

Figuring out ways to maintain your good feelings and staying in the vortex while encountering various life circumstances is step 4.

Practicing Unconditional Love. Feeling Appreciation no matter what is happening. Looking for the good in all scenarios. Knowing there is a solution to all challenges. Practicing ways to be more Joyful throughout the day.

This Step 4 isn’t relying on physical manifestations in order to stay Happy. You don’t need to get things every day in order to be Joyful. You are a Happy and Joyful being by default. That is a choice.

You practice and send out good vibrations no matter what is happening, wanted or unwanted.

Thus Abraham is saying that one who understands step 4, which is to stay Happy no matter what, can work anywhere and practice alignment. It is not the right job that makes them happy, they are happy first and then happy still at the job they are at right now.

The goal is to practice unconditional happiness. It is an art and a science and a skill.

You don’t need to get the parking spot up front to be happy, you are happy no matter where you park because your mind is focused on happy thoughts.

Step 5: This isn’t mentioned in the video but it is simply the same as Step 1. At some point, you may get knocked down emotionally out of the vortex and maybe even very low on the emotional scale.

That is ok and to be expected. But now you know how to get back up to the higher vibrations and you will do that.

As a reminder, how do we raise vibrations (emotions)?

Meditate. Either regular meditation or Abraham’s Vortex Meditations.

Think thoughts that feel good (appreciate, count blessings, be thankful, look for the positives, remember happy memories, imagine happy scenarios).

Music that makes you feel good.

Do other things that make you happy. Be around people that are uplifting. Consume uplifting content.

Avoid all things that lower your vibration until you get in the vortex. And then practice feeling good no matter the condition thru one of the Abraham processes (ie: Focus Wheel) or something like EFT (which to me is just a Focus Wheel while tapping).