If you are familiar with Abraham-Hicks Vortex Meditations, you know that in includes an audio cd and a written booklet. (Also available as mp3 and pdf.)

You can purchase it on Amazon or thru

This cd came out back in 2010 and I’ve listened to it many times and have read the booklet a handful of times. I have been an avid Abraham Hicks student since 2008.

Today, I translated their Money meditation using my own words. I find it is easier for me to understand when I made their words my own.

I took their 16 sayings from their pdf booklet under the Money section and used words that I understand.

I am sharing what I made for myself with you, maybe it will also help you out. If there are any errors in understanding or translation, they are entirely my fault! I recommend learning directly from Abraham Hicks – but here I offer The Deepak Translation!


Abraham is a group of energy beings who are teachers, not an actual physical human being. Abraham is going to talk to you today like a human being and say words that are of the greatest benefit to you through the mind and mouth of a human teacher known as Esther Hicks.

Abraham wants to help you find the emotional place that helps you bring in more wealth into your life. Yes, emotions can bring in wealth and emotions can also push away wealth.

There is infinite wealth that is constantly flowing as an energy stream and it is right and it is time for you to receive your share.

This won’t be difficult for you to do and it won’t take too much time because you are already really close to receiving the wealth that belongs to you.

There is power in the words that you are hearing and in time, your negative feelings about the lack of wealth in your current life will fade away and you will feel happy and joyful about the plenty of wealth that belongs to you and is on its way into your life right now.

As your negative feelings about the lack of wealth are replaced with happy feelings about the plenty of wealth energy that belongs to you and is now on its way to you, your wealth will soon become a physical reality. It will become actual money in the bank.

Abraham’s words will help you shift your feelings about money from worry or concern to eagerness and fun. When that emotional shift about money happens, immediate money manifestations will be the evidence of that shift.

Manifestations include actual money flowing into your life in the form of cash, checks, and deposits and also inspiring ideas on how to allow more money into your life. Money making ideas. Money making opportunities. Money making situations.

If Abraham can convince you that the path to wealth is simply an emotional path, then with each hearing of these words, you will release more negative feelings about the lack of money and your feelings about money will improve to positive feelings about money.

Your work is not one of physical action. There are no courses on money that you have to take. There are no requirements you have to meet in order to bring more money into your lives. You don’t need another degree or certificate.

This is just a comfortable and gradual remembering of your natural state of relief, of feeling good, of ease, and of Well Being.

Remember that you don’t lose money when another person makes money because the energy of wealth expands equally to match your desires.

When the success of another person makes your heart sing, makes you feel joyful and happy, your negative thoughts about money are gone and your own success soars.

You must rejoice and celebrate successful people and be happy for their success and wealth. Negative emotions about other people’s success block your own wealth. Joy and happiness are very high emotions that bring in more wealth into your life.

The fastest way to get to an improved money situation is to look for pleasing things that you already have, because when you purposely look for and notice things that are working well in your life, more success will come and it will come very rapidly.

While your life will continue to call more wealth to you, most of that work of calling in wealth is already done simply by having lived thus far. And now, with far less effort than you think you have to do, your financial situation is about to improve.

Wealth does not come into your life because of hard work or good luck or favoritism, wealth is simply the Universe’s response to consistent positive thoughts and positive feelings about plenty of wealth.

When you are able to accomplish the feeling of plenty of wealth before the evidence of more money has come into your life, more money must come and will continue to come as long as you maintain the positive feelings about wealth.

Any time you are feeling good for any reason, you are accomplishing the feeling of wealth, and in your absence of negative feelings, all the good you have been wanting is coming into your life, including more money.

Every time you think and read these words, your negative feelings become smaller and your positive feelings become larger.

And so with every new day, your average daily feeling will change from negative to positive until there will be an obvious shift in your positive momentum. As an analogy, the glass of water will be more than half full with every drop of positive feeling added. (Cumulative. Compound interest. Snowball effect. Positive momentum. Tipping point.)

For a while, the only evidence of your financial progress will be your improved positive feelings, and if you will let that be enough, taking no score of how much money has showed up today, more money will definitely show up soon enough.

Abraham is happy to have this chance to express their appreciation for you and for all that you are. Abraham wants to let you know that it is their absolute promise to you that the wealth that you want is coming to you soon.

You are already doing really really well in your life.

More wealth energy is flowing to you right now and will soon become actual money in the bank.

Relax and enjoy the ride.

Notice, think about, and feel thankful for all the good that is in your life right now.

And feel anticipation for all the wealth that is coming to you very soon.

Abraham has great love for you.

And as always, Abraham is hanging out at the high emotional place of Love, Joy, Appreciation, Passion, and Happiness



While reading Naval Ravikant’s book How To Get Rich, I noticed this paragraph that really stood out to me.

(You can buy a copy of the book on Amazon or listen to the audio for free on youtube or read the transcript for free on his site. There is also a free pdf of the book on the site.)

Let’s start with some basic loa.

We become what we think about. Repeated thoughts about a subject is known as a belief about that subject. If the thoughts about that subject feel good, it is a positive belief. This belief is then beneficial.

What we want to do is feel good, by any means necessary. This is basic Abraham Hicks as I understand it.

We don’t need to think about wealth to get wealth, according to Abraham, but we can’t continually think lack of wealth and get wealth. We can’t also constantly be at a low emotional state and get wealth. We need to raise our vibration by any means necessary.

If we just feel good anyways all day long, wealth will also come. It is law.

If we want to specifically think about the subject of wealth, it helps to have a bunch of thoughts that feel good when we think about money.

That’s where this paragraph below comes in handy for me.

This paragraph that Naval spoke is a perfect belief system for wealth that feels good to me. So I can think these sentences over and over, and pretend it is true for me, as long as it feels good to me as I do it. I am sharing it with you in case it also feels good to you. If it does, then it is a good belief to have about money and wealth.

“Thanks to the internet, opportunities are massively abundant. In fact, I have too many ways to make money. I don’t have enough time. I literally have opportunities pouring out of my ears, and I keep running out of time. There are so many ways to create wealth, to create products, to create businesses, and to get paid by society as a byproduct. I just can’t handle them all.”

I can think it, speak it, write it, read it, imagine that it is true for me, and even eft tap on it. Whatever it takes to make this my default belief system about wealth and money.

It will take repetition and persistence to make this an automatic thought for the subconscious mind. We do that thru repeated self-suggestion until it becomes auto-suggestion. I am going to try this and will let you know in the future how it goes.

Remember that feeling good is more important than installing this belief system. Feeling good takes precedence over all other things. “Nothing is more important than that I feel good,” according to Abraham Hicks. So repeat this paragraph only as long as it feels good to do so.











It’s kind of the polarity (is that the word?) between doing and being.

Sometimes I get caught up in doing a lot. Wanting to do do do. Then I remember that feelings are important than doing, if the doing is lowering my feelings. High Vibration is the most important thing for me.

Being is about raising vibration by not doing. Just sitting, accepting, observing, being satisfied, content no matter what, and doing nothing but also doing something. The doing is the observing. It is not like sleeping or watching tv. It is actively doing nothing by paying attention to what is happening.

Doing nothing on purpose is also doing something! Most people cannot do nothing on purpose. Sitting still and just observing the thoughts and feelings without being the thoughts and feelings. Not being attached to them or becoming them.

Doing nothing raises vibration and doing something can also raise vibration.

Thinking nothing raises vibration and thinking something can also raise vibration.

To me, TM and Mindfulness Meditation always raise vibration.

Positive thinking can most of the time or sometimes raise vibration. The same positive thoughts that worked yesterday may not work for me today.

Affirmations can raise vibration or not, depending on the affirmation and depending on how I am currently feeling.

Default thinking usually lowers vibration. Automatic negative thoughts (ANTS).

Physical actions can sometimes raise vibration and sometimes lower vibration, depending on what I am doing and how I am feeling. The same action that raised my vibration yesterday may not work today.

It is all a skill and a practice and an art that I am learning to do as a student of the game.

Today is more of a “being” day for me than a “doing” day. I am naturally a do do do type person, so this will be good practice. Too much doing turns into “efforting” as Abraham Hicks says, and it lowers vibration (backfires).

Less efforting and more going with the flow. More of a Taoist approach today.



Living in the body is very important.

Meditation (TM and Mindfulness) help me get acclimated to feeling high vibrations so that when I don’t feel like that during other times, I can recognize it. Meditation is a tuning for my mind to how high vibrations feel.

It is like getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and noticing how that feels. That is as clean as my mouth can feel. So I can aim for the ideal while at home thru my own flossing and brushing and whatnot.

The more I meditate and feel good, the less I can tolerate lower vibrations. The less I tolerate lower vibrations, the more I aim for higher vibrations. The more I want high feelings. The more I do to get back up there.

The more I stay at higher vibrations, the better my life becomes because law of attraction responds to vibration. Feelings indicate vibration. Moods indicate vibration.

How I feel today is attracting what comes into my future todays. There is a time delay in time-space reality between vibration and manifestation. It is not instant, which is a good thing.

Feel good today. Let the tomorrows take care of themselves.

Meditate. Think positive thoughts on purpose in order to feel good. Do whatever that feels good as much as you can. Enjoy the day to the fullest while still taking care of human duties.

I like to exercise, floss, read, learn, play chess, watch videos that teach me things, write on my blog, listen to good music, audiobooks, speeches, self help, spirituality, self development, and so on.

I like helping others because it also makes me feel good. I am looking to do that at a large scale rather than one to one. Maximum good for maximum people.

I also love caffeine, sunshine, forests, warm weather, and MJ videos!

Think what you love. Do what you love. As much as possible today. Feel as good as possible today. Repeat tomorrow.



Mindfulness is the best way I know to recognize my own emotions (vibrations).

By the way the sensations feel inside my body, not in my brain. Usually chest area, gut area, arms, sometimes spine.

Getting out of the head and into the body. Using the mind to scan the body and recognizing what each feeling feels like thru life experience. How meditation feels like when I reach that peaceful state. How love feels like. How thankfulness feels like. How happiness feels like. How passion feels like. How excitement feels like. In the body. And how the negative emotions feel like when it happens.

Constantly paying attention to the body to see how I am feeling throughout the day, like a fitbit but for mood!

Like having a real mood ring that is accurate in telling me my current vibration! Until that exists, I must constantly remind myself to use my mind to pay attention to the feelings in my body.



Some morning thoughts:

Old model: we become what we think about most of the time. Earl Nightingale

New model: we become what we feel like most of the time. Abraham-Hicks

Feelings are above fact – Reverend Ike

We change feelings thru thinking and acting.

We can think to evoke a certain feeling.

We can take action to evoke a certain feeling.

Old: When I’m wealthy, I will do whatever I want.

New: When I do whatever I want, I become wealthy.

Vibration is the most important thing. Meaning, Feelings are the most important thing. Emotions. They indicate vibration.

I am loving the Naval Ravikant book/podcast/tweets about How to get Rich.

I am reevaluating some of my daily actions and daily thoughts in light of how it makes me feel since feelings are more important than thoughts than actions.

Feeling good is more important than thoughts that seem right but lower my emotions.

Feeling good is more important than actions that seem right but lower my emotions.

Only I can recognize my own current vibration because only I know how I am currently feeling. Feelings happen in my body. The gps is inside me.

Thoughts and actions that are proven to work for others may not work for me because it all depends if those thoughts and actions feel good to me when I think and do them or feel bad when I think and do them.

Feelings (vibrations) are the most important thing.

Nothing is more important than that I feel good – Abraham Hicks.