I was thinking today about that favorite subject of mine, law of attraction.

In the simplest terms, how do we manifest something? How do we get something that we want?

We get something by being a vibrational match to it.

Vibrational = thoughts & feelings.

Thus, we get something by thinking and feeling like we already have it.

How would I think if I already have what I want?

I would think and talk and write about how great it is to have it. I would describe the details of having it. I would talk from there.

How would I feel if I already have what I want?

Happy, elated, thankful, appreciative, joyful, excited. A state of thanksgiving and praise.

Thoughts and Feelings are the keys that unlock the manifestations.

How do I think and feel like I already have it?

I could write in my journal as if it already happened. I could visualize and imagine that it already happened. I could change my self talk to match how I would talk after I have it. I could speak like I already have it.

I will have to think and feel like I already have it and let time pass for the physical reality to match my inner state of mind. There is time involved.



Love this talk.



“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Victor Frankl

In private moments, practice your new story about your health, wealth, and relationships. Practice thinking, writing, speaking, and mentally seeing how you want things to be. Practice your new vibration around every subject that is important to you.

Game time is when you are out and about doing things and talking to people. In between something happening and your automatic thinking response, pause for a moment. Notice and take advantage of that gap. This is the time to use your new practiced vibration to tell the new story about your life.

Tell a new health story. Tell a new job story. Tell a new money story. Tell a new relationship story. Tell a story that everything is working out for you.

As you think, write, and speak now, your future days manifest accordingly.

Practice correctly in private and perform correctly in public.



I once heard Reverend Ike say that he teaches three things: Visualization, Meditation, and Affirmation.

That got me thinking. This is my current understanding of those three words.


Prayer = Imagination (Visualization). Seeing the good you want to see for yourself and for others.

All Imagination is Prayer. There is no other way to “pray”. We do not send physical letters or telegrams up to another being. All prayer is done in the mind.

So God (Spirit, Source) exists everywhere and even inside your mind, to be able to hear your prayer.

Thus it can be concluded, as Neville Goddard taught, that Imagination is God. Using your Imagination is using your God power, good power, creative power.

We are thus “praying” constantly as we imagine various things happening throughout the day.

Then there can be no such thing as “prayer” time and nonprayer time. We are constantly praying as we constantly think and imagine.

Make sure you Imagine good things happening to you and all others throughout the day. That is the correct way to use the Imagination (correct way to pray).


Meditation = Hearing answers from Source (Spirit, Inner Being, God, Universe, Intuition, Being Still).

When we quiet our thought, we raise our vibration, and when our vibration rises we can hear messages (guidance) from Spirit.


Affirmation = Positive self programming (self suggestion).

We become what we think.

We are either thinking thoughts we picked up from others or we can choose to think what we want to think on purpose.

Over time, our repeated positive thoughts become engrained within us and become autosuggestion. That means it has been accepted by our subconscious mind and is now a belief.



The path of least resistance.

In between.

The path of most resistance.

As Abraham-Hicks says, there is no path of “no resistance” because then you would have “croaked” and transitioned, as I understand it. As long as one is in the physical reality, there will be some form of resistance.

Some people do enjoy the path of high resistance. Doing things the hard way. Making things happen. Nothing wrong with that.

I like to make it easier on myself these days and go with the path of least resistance. Going with the natural flow of things. Letting things unfold at the right time.



I was thinking of my three general options with any given situation.


I can Change a situation if it is in my control and ability to do so. Make it better, do my part, fix things, and so on.


I can Leave a situation if I cannot Change it. This is the analogy of switching boats rather than constantly having to plug up the holes in the one I am in.


And finally, I can Accept the situation if I cannot Change it or Leave it. Just be at peace, joy, love, and appreciate the moment as it unfolds. Always be happy and thankful for this moment. Maintain high vibration no matter what is unfolding.



I had this thought today while meditating. We may be practicing lots of positive thinking during our private moments but what we really believe is revealed during “game time situations.”

I can do money affirmations in the morning after I wake up and that is fine – but the game time situations are when I check my bank account, when I buy something, when I see the cost of something, when I pay a bill, tipping situations, someone asking for a donation, or when the topic of money comes up in a conversation with someone.

What do I think, write, type, say, and feel during those “in the moment” game time situations?

Those automatic thoughts I think are my “beliefs” about money. What I say to others is my “story” around money. Those automatic feelings when I encounter a money situation are my vibration around money.

Reading law of attraction books and listening to tapes are the learning of theory part.

Doing affirmations, focus wheels, and visualizations are the practice sessions.

And then there is the game of life when a situation comes up in real time and we either tell the old lackful money story or the new plentiful money story.

When this story about money in a real life situation changes, that means our beliefs about money have also changed. That is the goal of learning and practicing, to perform correctly in game time situations.



This is what I heard and understood from this talk:

The question is about separating the idea of having money and working or having a job. Why conform to the idea of a 9-5.

The idea is that you can do both. You don’t have to work just to make money. You can allow money. That is one topic. And you can work and do things you enjoy. That is another topic.

If you want money but whenever you think about money, it activates lack, then take money out of the equation.

Think and feel prosperous without thinking specifically about the topic money.

Money is a physical manifestation. The vibration of money, the emotion and energy of money, is Freedom and Ease. Find a way to activate those feelings. Feelings are the key. Feel Freedom by thinking thoughts that make you feel those emotions.

When you consistently feel Freedom, money also has to flow into your life as a physical manifestation that matches your emotional vibration.

Esther gives the example of her and Jerry buying a coke and pretending they were on vacation – to feel the emotions of Freedom and Ease – even while she was working a typical 9 to 5 job.

Another example given is that even while at work, you can feel free to use your phone to play games secretly. Most people do not feel free at work, so this is a method to do that.

You can feel free to think whatever thoughts you wish. You can feel free by imagining what you wish. Feel the freedom that you have to choose what you want. Feel the freedom that no one can create your reality. Feel the freedom that you can set your own point of attraction.



I have been evolving my beliefs on many topics and one of them is “Traditional” Medicine.

Sometimes we look at a thing as harmful and sometimes we look at a thing as a solution.

For example, I am super thankful for my eyeglasses and the doctors who have prescribed different ones over the years.

I am super thankful for folks creating companies that have helped me out a ton. Amazon, Google, Apple, electric companies, garbage removal companies, gas companies, home builders, repair folks, car makers, and on and on. These are all solutions.

But like Abraham-Hicks says, all people, places, and things have Wanted and Unwanted. It is the perfect balance of Yin and Yang in all things that keeps the Universe in balance.

As a creator in the metaphysical sense, it is my expectation that creates my individual reality.

What I believe (my thoughts).

How I feel (my emotions = my vibration).

What I imagine will happen (using my inner senses = also my thoughts).

I can take a thing and imagine/believe/think that it will do harm or take a thing and imagine/believe/feel that it will do good.

We have group beliefs too. Universal beliefs that most of us believe. And smaller groups of beliefs.

Traditional Medicine is harmful = belief.

Traditional Medicine is helpful = belief.

Alternative Medicine is harmful = belief.

Alternative Medicine is helpful = belief.

We don’t need any medicine at all = belief.

We need to take things to improve our life = belief.

We can live by only breathing and never eat food again = belief.

I can live by absorbing Sun’s energy only = belief.

Different diets = Different beliefs.

It all depends on what you believe and expect.

Sometimes the right solution is “Traditional” and some solutions are “Alternative” and some are “Complimentary.”

I am working on my beliefs first, then taking the thing rather than taking the thing and hoping it will make me believe after.

Make a decision and line up with it, as Abraham says.

Find the thing that I am inspired towards. Inspiration indicates high vibration and guidance specifically meant for me.

Fully believe and expect the thing to work way before I take it. This is known as Prepaving according to Abraham. Think thoughts of it working for me and benefitting me.

Keep believing and imagining that it works. Feel with my inner senses (imagine) that it is working.

And be appreciative of every solution that comes to me and was made by another human, who is also spirit incarnated as a physical being.

It is my belief that makes a thing work or not work, not the other way around.



“For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

– Matthew 25:29