Don’t change the situation, change how you feel about the situation.

Maintain high vibrations regardless of what is happening right now.

The point of power is in the present moment, as Abraham Hicks says. Meaning, all the power is in the current now moment. The thoughts and feelings you emanate right now is all that matters.

Circumstances don’t matter as Bashar teaches. Your state of being matters. Your state of being materializes things.

So change how you feel right now and the next now and the next now until you fall asleep. Then do it again as soon as you wake up tomorrow.

Forget the current circumstances because they materialized from past states of being. The current reality materialized due to past vibrations (thoughts & feelings).

Feelings are the only thing that matters. Choose to feel good right now in the easiest way possible and keep that up.



I have heard Abraham-Hicks talk about Beliefs and Desires a million times!

When your Belief and Desire are a match, your manifestation must show up, they say.

Just what does that mean? I wondered.

Ok, here is my newest understanding of this. I think this is really simple.

Desire, by Abraham’s definition, is always positive, always feels good, and always “in the vortex.” Meaning, Desires are high vibration.

When someone wants a new car, the vibration of that is emotional. They want safety, security, fun, joy, happiness, ease of transport, and things like that.

Same thing when someone wants money, a new home, or a mate.

Every Desire is a wanted thing. Wanted things are in the vortex. The vortex is vibrational. Vibrations can be interpreted as emotions. The first 4 emotional levels on Abraham’s guidance scale consist of the vortex.

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Freedom, Empowered, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation/Belief

We don’t have to think of a Desire, it already exists, according to Abraham. Since everything is vibrational (emotional), it exists.

A new car shows up in your life at the right time when you are feeling happy. Every time you feel happy, a new car will not show up – because that would make no sense. A new car wouldn’t come if you just bought a new car. That also is pointless, though you can always buy a new car and have multiple cars as you wish.

But a new car will come exactly when you need it. How will it come? Thru resources, thru inspired ideas, and inspired action. If you don’t have a new car now but want one, and you do not buy one, it is because you do not have the resources (money) for it.

You do not have resources because you have been hanging out in the lower vibrations too long.

So as you practice high vibrations (high emotions) for a while, resources come to you as you need it. A new job. A raise. Winnings. Credits. Refunds. Someone giving you a car. Or some idea to earn more money. And so on.

Inspired solutions exist at the high vibrations.

All desires exist vibrationally, so we don’t need to work on that.

Let’s talk about Beliefs.

Beliefs are Thoughts as Abraham says.

And Beliefs & Thoughts are Vibrations.

Emotions indicate vibration. Thus, Emotions are Vibrations.

So we can conclude that Thoughts = Beliefs = Emotions = Vibrations.

So the vibration of our Belief can be found out by the way we feel right now.

We don’t need to think of a new car necessarily to get a new car. Most people wishing for a new car just want the money to buy a new car.

Money is also a Desire that exists at the top vibrations.

With all that said, we can get everything we want by just feeling happy and joyful and appreciative about anything. It is the feeling we are after. The feeling unlocks the resources. The feeling unlocks the vault. The feeling opens the door.

So that is why if you feel happy while petting your cat, you can get your new car. Because while you are happy, law of attraction brings you more happy thoughts and ideas and circumstances. If you feel happy long enough, all the solutions you want will come to you one by one.

You don’t have to think of your new car and then feel happy. Just feel happy by any easy means. Just be on the high vibration by any easy means.

At the high vibrations, you will have easy modes of transport and resources to buy a new car if that is what you are after. When will that happen? No idea, but it will happen at the right time.

Your specific manifestations will also differ from other people because your manifestations will match exactly what you need thru the life you have lived thus far. A happy person living in the Amazon jungle will get different manifestations than a happy person working at an Amazon warehouse.

Not every human being will become a billionaire thru law of attraction, in other words.

But every human being can be happy inside and allow their specific desires to come to them in the path of least resistance and in accordance with the laws of this physical reality. I don’t think your roof will open up and gold coins will rain down on you but you may get an idea to start a business or find the right job that matches you right now with the right pay.

Every human being has the resources to practice high vibrations right now if they wish and if they know how.

Meditate and think good-feeling thoughts. Listen to happy music if it is available. Chant mantras if that is your thing. Take naps when tired. Do things you love as often as possible. Pay attention to inspired ideas and take inspired action. Pay attention to how you are feeling throughout the day and do your best to raise your emotions. Every time your emotion dips, stop what you are doing. Do your best to feel better again.

That’s it. Super simple! That is how you match your Belief with your Desire – by feeling good in the easiest possible way for you. Your Desire feels good. You must also feel good.



I want to take another crack at this favorite clip of mine. I posted about this before but I believe I have a new understanding of it.


Questioner wants to go to Seattle. He lists various good qualities about Seattle. Fresh air, mountains, hiking, rivers, and so on.

But he is feeling, the key vibrational words are, doubt and “fear.” Both of those are low vibrations and “outside the vortex.”

Abraham says that what is not wanted is more active in his vibration, otherwise he’d be there already.

It’s easy to go to Seattle, just pack up and drive there. He must be comparing the negative qualities here with there and thus here is more active in his vibration. Maybe he is thinking more about all the unwanted qualities about here.

Then it turns out he is thinking of a guy in Seattle. The topic shifts.

It’s not really about Seattle he is talking about, it is the topic of relationships.

He is scared to move to Seattle to meet this guy, hoping he is the one for him and hoping that the guy likes him back, I assume. He saw the guy somewhere, after being apart many years, and felt that he is the one for him.

In the past, I thought the goal was for him to be in Seattle or for him to get the guy. That is more manifestation-focused.

Now I realize that Abraham is all about emotion-focused. Abraham is vibration-focused. (Vibration and emotion are the same thing.)

The goal is to be happy. The goal is to be in the vortex. The goal is to feel good emotionally. That is all Abraham ever teaches, from my point of view. (The Vortex is the first four vibrations on Abraham’s emotional scale.)

The goal isn’t to get things to be happy. The goal isn’t to go and meet the guy to be happy. The goal is just to be happy first and let things that match that vibration come to us.

He believes if he moves to Seattle and everything works out with this guy, he will feel a certain way emotionally.

Right now, it is clear that he does not feel like that.

Thus the topic of “relationship” is keeping him “out of the vortex.”

He could get in the vortex by meditating, appreciating, listening to music or a number of other ways. But the idea of a happy relationship comes into his mind frequently, it seems, and it is keeping him outside of the vortex.

So Abraham speaks some emotional words about the topic of relationship that he wants. As he focused on those words and the emotions that those words evoke, his feelings raise and he feels happier. This is reflected by the changed look on his face and the tears in his eyes from joy. His vibration has raised and now he is in the vortex.

The goal always is to be in the vortex, no matter what. The goal is to feel good emotionally.

Now moving forward, the topic of relationships will have a positive feeling for him, if he practices how he wants to feel as they just did in the workshop.

As he is more happy and joyful throughout the days and the topic of relationships no longer pulls his vibrations down, the right relationship must flow into his life at the right time. And this time there will be no confusion or doubt or fear when that happens. It will feel inspired and like the next logical step.

From inside the vortex, inspiration and guidance are much clearer to hear. It will feel like “sureness” and “certainty” and “confidence.”

The relationship doesn’t have to come today or next week for him to feel happy.

Though if he consistently feels happy, the right relationship and everything else he desires must come to him, one by one, at the right time.

And they come to him as inspired ideas and thoughts, people showing up in his life, and “synchronicities.”



This clip is part of the Health & Wellbeing cd on Abraham-Hicks website.

I listened to it dozens of times to fully comprehend what Abraham was saying. Let me share with you my understanding of it.

Questioner gets frequent headaches. He had heard on another Abe audio that pain someone else was feeling was due to resistance.

Are his headaches also due to resistance?

Abraham says yes.

How can he know what that resistance is?

Abraham mentions the cause of resistance is not important as much as releasing it.

This causes laughter in the audience and surprise from the questioner.

I now get what Abe is saying.

What is resistance?

Negative thoughts. The group of thoughts you think about a specific subject is a belief. Thus, beliefs are just thoughts.

Resistance is negative thoughts and negative beliefs.

When you start thinking negatively, you will feel negative emotion. It starts out as very light negative emotion but if you don’t do anything to change it and continue down your negative thinking, it magnifies into stronger negative emotion.

Using Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale, Boredom is the first negative emotion ranked at #8. Discouragement is #16 and a much stronger negative emotion.

Resistance starts as a negative thought, then a negative feeling, then body symptoms, then more negative physical manifestations in and around you. That is law of attraction picking up steam on your current vibration.

The cause of your headache could be any subject. Bills making you feel overwhelmed, someone cutting you off in traffic and you getting angry, or the tv remote not working. The cause doesn’t matter because sometimes it is hard to know the cause.

But we always know that a headache or some type of pain is an exaggerated result of not paying attention to our negative feelings which were caused by our attention to negative subjects.

This is what is meant by, “don’t worry, it will get bigger.”

It is like what Oprah said about life. Life whispers at you all the time. If you don’t listen to the whispers, it will get stronger and stronger until you’ll eventually get a metaphorical frying pan smacked to your head to get you to pay attention.

In the moment of a headache or any body pain, the solution is always the same. Relax into it, don’t resist. Chill out. Tell yourself positive soothing thoughts. Smile. Take deep breaths. If you can, stop thinking by meditating. Or listen to good music. Take a hot bath. Look at pics of cute cats. Or do something else that makes you feel better.

The goal is to release resistance. The goal is to raise vibration. Easily said, the goal is to feel better emotionally. Emotions are indicators of vibration.

Do whatever it takes to chill out, relax, take a break, smile, and be at ease. This will raise your vibration and your headache will soon release too.

Of course you can take medicine or whatever else to make yourself at ease. You can do eft or whatever other process you are into.

But the cause of the headache, according to Abraham, was some type of attention to a negative subject long enough that it became a stronger indicator as physical pain.

This reminds me of Doctor Sarno who treated longstanding chronic back pain in his patients by asking them what they were worried about or who they strongly dislike. He treated his patients’ back pain thru changing their thoughts and feelings.

This is also similar to Louise Hay’s teachings that negative emotions are the cause of all illness. The same premise is behind the Emotional Freedom Technique.

The idea is that each vibration has matching manifestations. Higher vibrations have positive manifestations and lower vibrations have negative manifestations.

Paying attention to feelings and managing them is the key. Do whatever it takes to feel better and stop giving thought to things that make you feel worse.

I will also reshare this clip from a talk where Esther had a sore throat. Same message.



Sharing a favorite clip of mine.

I can listen to Norman Vincent Peale on loop! So good.



I had this interesting thought the other day that I wanna share with you.

Instead of worrying what other people may be thinking of me, which I don’t have a control over, I do have a control over what I think about others.

I have a control over what I think of family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, strangers, other drivers on the road, customer service, and so on.

Regardless of what they may or may not think of me, good or bad, I started choosing to send them love, happiness, good health, success, and prosperity.

I mentally started praying for people with good luck and good health, at the first chance before I get offended by someone driving in front of me or not using a signal or any other reason.

This is a combination of teachings from many teachers but I will give a shout out to Reverend Ike, Norman Vincent Peale, and what I learned in the energy modality known as Pranic Healing.

This is an active use of the mind as I go about my day. I find that if I purposely think positive all the time consciously, it becomes a habit and easier.

The other day I was stopped at a red light and saw a lady walking her dog. Normally I’d look and then go about my drive thinking random thoughts.

This time, I sent her “positive energy” in the form of mental prayer and seeing her and her dog bathed in “divine love” as Rev Ike calls it in one of his talks. Sometimes I picture pink color bathing them, sometimes white or gold.

A driver sped by me, I wished them safety and happiness. Normally I may think unpleasant thoughts!

A police car was next to me and I wished the officer good health, happiness, and a positive night. My normal reaction would have been nervousness.

This has made my routine daytime activities more pleasing as I use my mind constructively, actively, and positively with every person I encounter and every person that pops up in my mind.

If I think of someone during my day, I immediately send them a “prayer” and a “blessing” of good health, happiness, love, lots of money, and prosperity. Bathe them in divine love energy.

I ask Source (God) to send it to them.

My belief system is that we are all created from Source and we are source beings living a physical experience, as that famous French dude wrote. Thus we come from source and we are source, so we can direct positive thought-energy to anyone anywhere. I have a choice in the type of thought-energy I send.

This also helps me to care less what others may think of me as I am more busy caring how to think positively for them.



I have found that drinking large amounts of kefir really helps my stomach and digestion, vs drinking just a small amount.

Usually I drink a whole bottle of Lifeway kefir and at times 2 bottles!

I found a new interesting way to consume kefir and fermented foods like yogurt while getting my required amount of protein as well.

Protein Powder: French vanilla ice cream flavored whey isolate, as many scoops as you need. Or another flavor like chocolate.

Kefir: as much as needed for consistency. I get Lifeway low fat plain and low fat flavored. They also have whole fat and organic versions too, if you are into that. Many other brands out there too. Easy to get kefir delivered thru Amazon Fresh.

Low fat yogurt (plain or flavored) or low fat greek yogurt: as much as needed, for pudding consistency.

“Fixins” as desired: I use raisins. Sometimes orange marmalade if we have some. You can use fruits, honey, jam, cereal, granola, or nothing extra.

Mix together.

So good!

High probiotics, low fat, high protein, low to medium carbs. This fits for people using the macro calculator to decide quantities to eat. If you are into high fat, you could mix more fats into the pudding and less carbs.



A new thing that has been working for me is combining EFT tapping while doing Abraham Hicks processes like The Focus Wheel out loud.

I use everything with EFT now.

1. The normal EFT routine focusing on negative memories, feelings, circumstances, etc.

2. Focus Wheels while tapping.

3. Positive thinking while tapping.

The purpose isn’t to change the circumstances, it is to change how I feel about the circumstances.

I aim to feel Relief as Abraham calls it. To move up the emotional guidance scale, knowing that as I feel more positive, I am now offering a new better vibration and Law of Attraction responds to how I feel.



I have been Abe-ing it a lot lately and want to share my new understanding with you. I always get new insights as I study Abraham Hicks’ model of Law of Attraction.

So what is Abraham teaching in all of their videos, audio, and books?


Raise your feelings by any means necessary.

They are not teaching how to get $100,000 dollars or a new car or a new well paying satisfying job or a vacation to the islands.

They are not teaching how to get physical manifestations first. They are not manifestation-focused. They are feeling-focused.

(Feelings are a manifestation of course but most people don’t think of it that way. Most people want the actual physical stuff.)

This differs from other models of law of attraction. Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Earl Nightingale, Neville Goddard, W Clement Stone, The Secret, E-Squared, Creative Visualization, Reverend Ike, and many other law of attraction teachers are manifestation-focused. They are goal-focused.

You want to get a husband? Here’s what to do. You want a million dollars? Here’s what to do. You want a new car? Here’s what to do. You want to heal your gut? Here’s what to do. And so on.

Both models are fine but Abraham stresses positive vibration (positive emotion) as the most important goal (manifestation) to achieve.

From the higher vibrations (positive emotions), everything must work out for you anyways. High vibrations attract high manifestations.

Another difference in the Abraham Hicks model of Law of Attraction is that you do not have to create your desires.

You do not have to make a list of qualities you want in your new job or new wife in order to create it. Just by living all this time, you have already created all those qualities and manifestations. It already exists in the vibrational (emotional) reality.

According to Abraham, all the specific and general things you want exist specifically for you in your vibrational “bank account.” You do not have to tell the “universe” what you want today and tomorrow and the day after. It already has been created vibrationally by the fact that you lived this long and you encountered plenty and lack. Every time you encountered lack, “the universe” created plenty and put it vibrationally just for you in your specific “vortex.”

In other law of attraction models, you are to create what you want by thinking specifically and frequently about what you want. Affirming it, writing it down, speaking it out loud, speaking it in front of a mirror, masterminding with like minded friends, visualizing it, making vision boards. Reading your dreams and goals often. Listening to your dreams and goals as audio recordings.

In the Abraham model, you only do those things if it feels good. You do those activities for the enjoyment of it, if it brings you joy, not in order to make it happen.

You actually don’t have to think of what you want in order to get it, according to Abraham.

You are constantly creating and refining what you want just by being alive and encountering various events. What you want is automatically created by your Inner Being (spiritual counterpart, higher self, source) in the vibrational nonphysical reality.

It is ready as a package for you.

The only thing you have to do is be happy emotionally (raise your vibration) by any means necessary and one by one, the things from the nonphysical vibrational reality will come into your physical reality as physical manifestations.

It is like going to the top floor of a building (by raising your vibration) and withdrawing your gift from your own vault (your vortex, your vibrational escrow).

The surefire ways to raise your vibration are to meditate, listen to music that makes you feel good, and to think positive-feeling thoughts.

Positive-feeling thoughts include appreciation, counting your blessings, giving thanks for all that you have, remembering good memories, imagining good pretend scenarios, noticing the good around you right now, focusing on the good qualities in yourself and others, thinking one positive-feeling thought at a time and building momentum, etc.

Then everyone has their own things that make them happy. Some people can pet their cats or play with their dogs. Watch movies that make them feel good. Go out in nature. Take a hot bath. Get a massage. Work on hobbies or projects. Garden. Cook. Read. Play games. Write. Sing. Make shows. Being around people they enjoy. Doing things they love. And so on.

When you are on the high vibrations (positive emotions), inspired ideas and solutions will flow into your life. Other people who are a match and can assist will flow into your life. You will get hunches on what to do. You will “run into” the right book or blog post or recipe or article or job posting or business idea. You will be led one step at a time as you follow actions that feel good. “Following your bliss,” in other words.

So Abraham is more vibration-based (emotion-based) and other teachers are more goal-based (physical manifestation based). Both are fine.

Goal-based teachers also teach vibration. If you want a new job, feel as if you already have it. If you want a million dollars, feel like you already have it. If you want to be married, pretend you are already happily married. Whatever your goal, match that feeling inside.

Abraham students just simply feel good first and let the matching physical manifestations come as they will at their right time.

If you are an Abraham student, you make it your point to feel as happy as possible as early as possible after you wake up. Think good-feeling thoughts as soon as you wake up and then meditate. Then think more good-feeling thoughts.

Then you do what you have to do, while paying attention to how you are feeling and doing your best to reach for the best-feeling thoughts while taking action.

This is about constantly reframing every situation into a positive. Looking for silver linings. Being solution oriented. Being an optimist. Counting your blessings. Being thankful for the good. Looking for positives in every event. And so on.

End your day by focusing on good-feeling thoughts as you fall asleep.

There are three types of negatives that will happen in your day.

1. Recurring old negative subjects

These are topics that come up daily or regularly that make you feel bad.

Your job, money, spouse, kids, health, home, etc.

You have no choice but to work on these subjects thru the various Abraham processes (ie: Focus Wheels) or by using another technique (therapist, cognitive behavior therapy, spiritual counselor, emotional freedom technique, mind coach, prayer, visualization, forgiveness, surrender to a higher power, and so on).

Your goal is to no longer have that subject pull you down emotionally (lower your vibration).

Remember, our goal is to maintain high vibrations (positive emotions). Negative emotions are fine but we don’t want to stay there too long. Negative emotions indicate that we have work to do.

2. Nonrecurring old negative subjects

Something may have happened a while ago but it doesn’t come up regularly.

If you purposely think about it, you feel bad. But if you don’t think about it, it has no effect on you and it doesn’t pop up in your day to day life.

In this case, just ignore it. “Let sleeping dogs lie” as they say. Or you can work on it too. The choice is yours.

This is lesser priority than #1 above.

3. New negative subjects

Something will happen today that lowers your emotions.

Your job is to stop when feeling negative emotion. Stop the thought, speech, or action. Then get back to feeling good again by changing your thoughts, speech, or actions.

If this new negative subject is important enough or will happen again in the future, work on it later to feel good about it.

In the Abraham world of law of attraction, feeling good is the most important task. So we neutralize all subjects that consistently make us feel bad and we reach for thoughts and take actions that make us feel good.

Physical manifestations like more money, a better job, happy relationships, good health, new car, a new home and so on are a result of this emotional management. They are not the primary target. Feeling positive emotions by any easy method is the primary target in the Abraham world.

The Abraham model is similar to Tosha Silver’s “Outrageous Openness” (Letting the Divine Take The Lead) and Byron Katie’s “Love What Is”.

Tosha lets the Divine (spirit) tell her what to do and surrender to the higher power (nonresistance). Thus she is at ease more often, maintains higher vibration, and hears her intuition more clearly. Intuition is messages from higher self (inner being, spirit).

Byron chooses to love no matter what happens (unconditional love) and thus stays at the high vibrations.

Eckhart Tolle also teaches nonresistance thru meditation, body awareness, and changing thoughts. Nonresistance is the same thing as Allowing in Abraham terminology. Thus Eckhart maintains high vibrations.

The only goal in this moment is to ask “what can I think, write, speak, or do that makes me feel better?” If nothing comes to mind, meditate. Or listen to music. Or pay attention to and count your breathing. Or pay attention to some random sound in the room or to your body sensations without thinking. Or chant a mantra. Or take a nap.

Do whatever you have to do to stop feeling negative and to raise your emotions. Maintain those good feelings regularly and consistently.

Paying attention to your emotions and learning how to raise your emotions is your job.

Remember that emotions and vibrations are the same thing. Said another way, recognizing your current vibration and knowing how to raise your vibration is your job. No one else can do this for you nor should we depend on others to lift us up all the time.

(All of this is my current understanding of the teachings. My understanding may evolve in the future!)



I found this talk by Abraham Hicks that I really like.

Questioner asks about the topic of weight loss.

He loves food. He wants his metabolism to be fast enough to process this food so that he can lose 20, 50, or even 60 pounds. But he has a problem getting there.

Abraham’s answer, as I understand it, is to shift the vibration (emotion) around this topic and to start general first and then go specific.

The issue here is that he likes food but doesn’t believe the food he eats or the quantity he eats will allow him to lose weight. He also believes his metabolism is too slow to process the types and quantities of food he eats.

His desire to lose weight and be slender does not match his negative vibration (negative thoughts as indicated by the negative emotion he feels) around the subject of food and metabolism.

This vibration has resulted in his current excess weight manifestation.

So he has to change how he thinks and feels about food and his metabolism.

He has to be in a happy place first (be in the vortex) and then take inspired action.

He cannot eat food that he believes will make him gain weight. He cannot feel negative while eating the food he chooses to eat. He cannot eat what he believes is “too much” food and then feel guilty and negative.

He has to eat food he believes will help him lose weight or change what he believes about the food he currently loves to eat.

There are people who eat whatever they like and the quantity they like and remain slender. There are people who eat diet food and become slender. The opposite is also true. Some eat whatever they like and gain weight. Some eat diet food and don’t lose weight.

Metabolism is a result of vibration.

Vibration is based on beliefs and as evidenced by feelings. Positive feelings equal positive vibration and negative feelings equal negative vibration.

Beliefs are simply thoughts I keep thinking about a subject.

When I think positive thoughts properly and repeatedly to change how I feel about food and metabolism, my vibration has shifted for the better and my weight must go down and my metabolism must speed up.

He has to believe that the food he eats will be properly digested and metabolized by his body.

He can love and bless his food to raise the vibration of the food to match his vibration. Different foods have different vibrations and the way they are prepared also changes their vibration. But he, as a deliberate creator, is powerful enough to change the vibration of the food he chooses to eat.

He has to find a way to feel good and happy about the food he eats, the quantity, and about his metabolism.

He also has to feel happy most of the time in general. He has to maintain his high vibrations by feeling more joy, love, and appreciation.

Sometimes, people eat certain foods and certain quantities of food because they feel negative emotion. They reach for food to feel good. If he can feel good first thru various processes and techniques, then the types of food he reaches for and the quantities he wants to eat will differ. The way certain food tastes also differ when you are feeling good vs feeling bad.

Feel good first, then take inspired action. And find a way to feel good about the actions I take that currently feel bad.

That is the work. The work is done by changing the way I think and feel about those subjects that matter to me.