This is my interpretation of The Grid by Abraham-Hicks.

Every day I am thinking thoughts on a handful of subjects. Let us pretend, for this example, that I think about the same 8 Topics daily.

For Topic #1, I have a group of thoughts I think about it. This group of thoughts is known as a Belief. Depending on the type of thoughts I think about Topic #1, there is a Vibration around that subject.

In other words, I feel a certain way about that subject. That feeling is an indication of my current vibration on that subject. There are 22 vibrational levels on Abraham’s emotional guidance scale.

For example, if Topic #1 is my work, I have a bunch of thoughts I think about work. And I feel a certain way about my work. That is my current vibration about that Topic.

Each of the 8 Topics have a vibration as indicated by how I feel about them.

The average of all those 8 Topics I think everyday is my current average vibration. It is my Current Emotional Grid.

I get manifestations based on how I feel.

So based on my current average emotional vibration, meaning my current grid, my manifestations tomorrow and in the future will match that. The manifestations today are mostly, if not all, based on my past grids. Today’s grid affects my tomorrows.

Examples of manifestations are other thoughts like what I am thinking, memories, dreams at nite, daydreams. physical emotions, things happening with my physical body, my home, work, money in the bank, relationships, my gadgets, vehicles, how people treat me, things that come into my life, things that go out of my life, etc. Everything around me and happening to me is a manifestation of how I feel.

I feel Happy about some Topics that I think about daily. I feel Unhappy about some Topics that I think daily. So I get a mix of manifestations, some good, some bad.

I can change what Topics I think about daily. That is under my control.

I can focus my Mind and use willpower and energy and self-discipline to only think about good-feeling Topics.

I can purposefully think only about the two Happy Topics all day today and ignore the other six unhappy Topics. Thus my average vibration, my Grid, changes to Happy. My future manifestations will start to match my current Happy emotional grid.

I can change how I think about bad-feeling Topics. I do this only when I am already feeling good.

Once I am “inside the vortex”, I do one of the Abraham processes or another process of my liking to change how I feel about this Unhappy Topic.

Then the next time I think about this Topic, it feels good. My average vibration, my Grid, becomes Happier. My future manifestations will start to match my now Happier grid.

The fastest manifestation I can change right now is how I feel. Physical manifestations can and will take time.

Emotions are the only real manifestation that matters, as Abraham says.

If I feel good emotionally a majority of the time, the other manifestations will take care of itself and come at the right time.

(Technically, the present moment is all that matters. So I can choose to create a new grid right now based on what I choose to think. There can be grids for this minute, hour, day, month, year, or the whole life thus far – but now is all that matters. A day consists of many nows.)



My interpretation of The Wobble by Abraham-Hicks.

When a Desire and Belief are in conflict, it causes a “wobble.” Meaning your emotional vibration moves from side to side. Back and forth.

I want it (Desire) = in the vortex.

But (Belief) = outside the vortex.

All wanted desires are in the vortex. Meaning, all abundance, prosperity, well being, love, happiness, success, and money are “in the vortex.” By definition, “good” and “plenty” are at the high vibrations. Source is unlimited, eternal, limitless, abundant.

So every wanted desire, a good thing, is by definition at the top vibrations where Source is. Some people call Source as God. God is Abundant in all ways.

All Lack is not Godly. Poverty is not Godly. Disease is not Godly. Lack and Limitation is not Godly.

Success is Godly. Riches are Godly. Prosperity is Godly. Abundance in all ways is Godly. Good Fortune. Plenty. Love, Joy, Success, Happiness, Good Health.

So when I think of a Desire, which is in the Vortex, and then I think thoughts that I can’t have it (Doubt, Worry, Fear, Frustration, Anger, etc), it causes a Wobble in my vibration as I shift back and forth.

Want it and Believe it. Or want it and don’t think negatively about it at all. Or think only happy thoughts and ignore that subject altogether. No Wobble. The only goal is to get back into and stay in the vortex (high vibrations 1-4).



No matter where I am on the Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale, my only job today and everyday is to “get inside the vortex.”

The Vortex consists of the top 4 emotions on their scale. It is a feeling place, an emotional place. Being in the Vortex feels different than being outside of it.

I can get inside the vortex thru a few ways:

1. Meditate (regular meditation or Abraham’s Vortex Meditation).

2. Appreciate (write pages and pages of things you appreciate).

3. Music (the type that makes you feel better).

4. Using my thoughts and mind processes (ie: Abraham’s processes, EFT, imagine, visualize, notice, remember, prayer).

5. Other actions that work for you (fresh air, exercise, drinking plenty of water, sunshine, taking plenty of deep slow breaths, funny shows, having fun, laughing, doing things you love, being around happy people you love, etc).

6. Avoiding all things that make you feel worse and kick you out of the vortex (negative thoughts, people, places, things, events, shows, topics).



My interpretation of Clogged Pipes by Abraham-Hicks.

The only goal is to get inside the vortex. You can do that using existing subjects (pipes) or by using new subjects (lay new pipes).

If existing subjects are negative and does not get you inside the vortex, meaning the pipes are clogged, instead of wasting effort in trying to unclog the pipes to get inside the vortex, just lay new pipes.

Think about new and easy subjects that make you feel Appreciative, Happy, Joyful, Love, etc.

Some pipes are fully clogged, some pipes are partially clogged, and some pipes are clean and open. Just use the open pipes (subjects) to feel good. Or lay new pipes (think of new subjects).

Once inside the vortex, solutions and answers to all subjects are available because I am connected with Source. Outside the vortex, I am disconnected and wasting effort trying.

Do not try to solve problems (or do anything important) outside the vortex. Get to the high emotional vibrations first, then do. It will be much easier and more pleasant.



This is my interpretation of The Stream by Abraham-Hicks.

This is of course Abraham’s Emotional Guidance Scale. The numbers are the different emotional vibrations.

The Vortex consists of #1-4:

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Empowered, Freedom, Knowledge

2. Passion

3. Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness

4. Positive Expectation / Belief

The “door” into the vortex consists of:

5. Optimism

6. Hopefulness

The Stream of Wellbeing is always flowing towards the highest vibrations.

Thoughts that lower vibration and cause negative emotions are known as going Upstream. Feeling bad and worse is Upstream.

Going Downstream means going with the flow of wellbeing. Thinking thoughts that feel better emotions. Feeling good and better is Downstream.

“Drop the oars” means to that if you simply do nothing, meaning stop thinking altogether, you will naturally go with the flow. This is Meditation.

It also means to stop thinking about that topic that is giving you trouble and to distract yourself with anything else that is more pleasing. Watch funny shows = drop the oars. Chill out = drop the oars. Take a nap = drop the oars. Pet your cat = drop the oars. Go for a walk in nature and relax = drop the oars. Have fun and laugh = drop the oars.

The only way to go Upstream is to think thoughts that keep the struggle going. Thoughts that make you feel bad and worse. This is what is meant by “paddling upstream.” It is counterproductive and makes things worse.

The only goal is to feel good. Think thoughts that feel better and good. Do things that feel better and good. Think no thoughts also to feel better and good.



I had been wondering how one can manifest specific desires and to make those desires come faster.

I found the answer in “The Law of Attraction Basics” book by Abraham-Hicks. In it, Jerry asks those exact questions.

First rule is always to get inside the vortex. First feel good, using whatever method that works. Appreciation, meditation, exercise, music, using my mind, nature, etc. Just get to the high vibrational emotions first.

Then, I an reminded that I get what I think about. It could be a blue pen, a red car, or lots of green cash. I get what I think about.

I think about lots of things in a day of course. If I spend more time thinking about a specific thing, then that helps it come faster.

The closer it is to manifestation into the physical, the stronger the EMOTION, Abraham mentions.

If I think about a blue pen, it will come. If I think about a blue pen and felt excitement and eagerness, it is about to come soon. If I felt nothing, no emotions, it may still come at some point but I get what I think about most. I may be thinking of other subjects more and get those.

If I think about a blue pen, felt no strong emotion, then thought about candy bars (felt strong negative emotion of guilt), puppies (happy), wars in other countries (hate, fear, anger), all the laundry I have to do (frustration) – my thoughts and emotions are all over the place. I will get things that match my average emotional vibration.

There are two types of EMOTIONS, positive and negative. Both create fast. A strong positive emotion means that subject I want is about to manifest soon. A strong negative emotion means something I do not want is about to manifest soon.

An undisciplined person may unconsciously think about wanted and unwanted subjects. A disciplined person (a deliberate creator) purposefully thinks only about what he wants and never (or rarely) on unwanted things.

So I get what I think about most. I get it faster if I feel super happy emotions when I think about it.

Things I really want (prosperity, love, success, joy) will feel good. Things I don’t want (wars) will feel bad when I think about it.

If I want a blue pen faster, think about it often and feel excitement about having it.

If I want a red car faster, think about it often and feel excitement about having it.

If I want lots of green cash, think about it often and feel excitement about having it.

Figuring out how to feel Excitement while thinking about my Desire is my job and work. That IS the work.

The usual tools are pretending I have it. Imagining I have it and feeling excited. Tricking my mind into feeling like I have it. Telling myself that all things I want are coming and feeling chilled out and relaxed about it. Having Faith that Source always delivers and overdelivers. If Source delivers for others, surely Source can deliver for me too. Feeling Happy and Excited anyways.

If thinking about what I want (blue pen, red car, green cash) FEELS bad, it is better not to think about it. Thinking about it while feeling bad brings a lack of it. Feeling bad pushes abundance away and brings the opposite.

It will come even if I don’t think about it – or some form of it will come.

A blue pen could mean a pleasurable writing utensil and something like that could come.

A red car could mean a pleasurable, secure, safe transport system and something like that could come.

Lots of green cash could mean freedom and security, so something like that could come.

Specific Desires require focused thinking on that Specific Desire while Feeling super positive about it. Excitement, Eagerness, Happiness, Joy, Love, Appreciation, etc.

A specific make and model of a red car will require me thinking specifically about that and feel excitement in having it. Some people look at the pictures, take test drives, pretend they are driving it, talk about it, think about it, write about it, put images up all over the place, surf websites about that car, make room for it in their garage, imagine it, etc. The more passionate and excited they feel, the closer it is to manifestation.

Same thing with a blue pen and green cash.

Abraham’s emotional guidance scale comes in handy here to figure how you are generally feeling now (inside the vortex or out) and how you are feeling about a specific desire (if you are thinking about it or the lack, and how close it is to manifesting).

One more note. The How. We are told not to think about the How. How will it come?

There are only two ways it will come and both will be inspired and feel like the next logical step.

From myself. Or from others.

In other words, from Source since everyone and everything is Source.

I will buy it or get it somehow or someone will give it to me.

The means will present itself somehow and it will be an inspired action. Whichever is the past of least resistance. It will come in the easiest path possible and according to what I believe.

Meaning, I won’t steal it because that is lack-based and feels negative and is not something I am willing to do. Either I will buy it because I got the money for it somehow or get it from someone else (gift, prize, etc).



I was first exposed to EFT in 2008. Since then I have tapped on and off in various ways and with the help of various practitioners too.

Usually, folks will do EFT to solve a problem. A health, wealth, or relationship issue. A performance issue. To clear negative memories from the past. To clear negative events that keep happening. Fear of something, anxiety, etc.

Now I see the true power of EFT as something completely different.

I know that the only goal is “to get inside the vortex”, as my favorite teachers Abraham-Hicks says. Meaning, the only goal is to raise my vibration higher. When my vibration is at the highest, when I am in the vortex, I will feel better and good. Happy emotions mean I am at the higher vibrations.

When I tap on a subject and about 15-20 minutes passed, I will have totally forgotten about the original issue. Somehow I can’t even think about it. It has been cleared and I feel totally calm and peaceful, if I did the tapping correctly. By tapping correctly, I mean if I reframed my issue properly while tapping on all the points, and even used some humor in it. This is what I experienced recently from a top certified EFT practitioner and teacher while tapping with her.

The purpose is to change what I think about the subject, and it happens quite easily while I tap on the various acupuncture points. Tapping somehow distracts a part of my brain so that I can think differently and in more positive ways.

In Abraham terminology, it is about “bridging beliefs.” When I feel better about this subject, it means I have raised my vibration in that moment.

I no longer go hunting for past memories and events to tap on. I don’t try to think of every negative event that has ever happened and them tap them away. I use EFT tapping on current events only. It is like doing a Focus Wheel (Abraham process) out loud while tapping on the points. My goal isn’t to cure or heal anything, or to “manifest” anything specific. My only goal is to feel relief, to feel better, and to get “inside the vortex.”

Why? Because I now know that a happy feeling is the only manifestation that matters, as Abraham says. Happy feelings mean high vibration and from a happy feeling, happy manifestations must come. It is law. Law of attraction.

It doesn’t have to come right now, later today, or even tomorrow. The physical manifestation can come whenever it pleases, I just care about feeling happy now. Feeling happy as much as possible per day is the key.

By happy, I mean Joyful, Appreciative, Love, Passion, Enthusiasm, Eagerness, Happiness, Positive Expectation, etc. Just a good feeling and feeling better than I did before doing EFT.

When I try to make things happen with EFT, or any other process, it activates a lack vibration within. It is efforting. Going uphill. Swimming upstream. Trying too hard.

When I make it my goal to simply feel better, and know that feeling better is the only thing that matters, EFT works marvelously.

The solutions, answers, hunches, ideas, intuition, and physical manifestations may happen same day, next day, next week, or whenever. As long as I feel happy now, I know I am going the right way and things are working out.




Prayer changes things because prayer changes me, as Reverend Ike says. I am reminded that “prayer” is a mind changing mechanism. It is a mind process, a thinking and imagining tool. Think of it like an Abraham Hicks process. Prayer is simply an inner conversation with the Self.

Don’t forget to pray means don’t forget about your Inner Spirit, the Nonphysical, The Higher Self, aka God. We are spiritual beings. Prayer is a way to commune with the nonphysical.

People usually pray with their eyes closed (stops distractions and takes attention away from the current physical reality). Then they speak. Usually this is done in “secret”, meaning prayer is a solo thing. By yourself in your room, place of worship, or even out in public. It is an internal communication.

Prayer works because connection with Spirit solves all problems and brings solutions. Why? When a person prays, and has Faith (Belief, Expectation), they raised their vibration much higher than where it probably was.

If things are going wrong and a person is feeling bad, their feelings are indicating their lower vibration. Anger, frustration, despair, worry, rage, hate, etc are all lower vibrations.

Here, it helps me to refer to the Abraham Hicks emotional guidance scale. I am reminded daily by Abraham teachings that my ultimate job is to “get inside the vortex.” This simply means to get up to the top 4 emotions on their vibrational scale. Positive Expectation / Belief (Faith) ranks at #4 and is considered in the vortex.

In the vortex means in the high vibrational space where I am connected with my Inner Being (Spirit). Once connected to Spirit, things work out, I get intuition, hunches, guidance on what to do next. This is like being in the zone. People who pray and Believe (have Faith) got inside the zone. They shifted their vibrations to a higher place and thus law of attraction brings them things that match their now current feelings.

We do not need anyone’s permission to pray. Anyone can commune with their Inner Being. The poor and homeless can become rich and successful. The uneducated can become super rich and wealthy. All things are possible for the one who Believes.

Changing my vibration is completely up to me. “You need God” means I need my Higher Self. I need my Inner Being. I need Inner Guidance. I need to be at the higher vibrations, whether I believe in “God” or not, if I am religious or not. It is a feeling place.

Fear is a low vibration. Make Dreams bigger than my Fear means my Desires are so strong and Passionate and Exciting that it propels me. When you have a strong desire, as Abraham teaches, you will get there even thru resistance (negative beliefs). It may be a rocky ride but if your dreams are so red hot and passionate, you will reach there.

The easier ride is to match your Desires with your Beliefs (repetitive thoughts). When you have a strong Desire and Believe it is possible (and feel good about it), it is sure to come “at the appointed time.”

Faith without works is dead. This means you will do work but at the high vibrations, the work you do will feel inspired and energizing and happy, though from the outside it looks like you are working really “hard.”

(Remember that thinking properly, focusing, imagining, analyzing, and using the mind processes also count as “work”.)

Do the work you are inspired to do. Do what you love. Action is necessary but that action will feel good and inspired and like you want to do it, even if you get up early in the morning and stay up til night doing it. Your “calling” energizes you.

People are rarely successful if they don’t do what they love. Success means all categories, not just money. Successful means good feelings, being happy, passionate, satisfied, energized, love, enthusiastic, joyful. That is true success.

Get Faithful first (feel better and into the vortex) and then take action on things you want and love to do. Of course some action, you may not love yet and have to do. But when you are feeling zoned up by inspired action, it keeps you in the high vibrations and even things you “have to do” become easier.

Write your visions down. Write your dreams down. Writing is a powerful focusing tool. Put some Faith on it, believe that your dreams and visions will come to you at the appointed time. Expect it to come and be happy anyways because being happy is the end result and is the vibration that attracts more things to be happy about.

Justice is when you get what you deserve.

Mercy is when you don’t get what you deserve.

Grace is when you get what you don’t deserve.

Grace. You will get more than you expect and ask for. This is because at the high vibrations (high emotions), the powerful law of attraction brings more and more things that match how you now feel. A lot of those things were “inside your vortex”, also known as your “vibrational escrow account”, as Abraham says. You may not remember all the things you “put in your vibrational bank account” but it is enough to keep you busy for multiple lifetimes, as Abraham says.

Once you stay appreciative and thankful, more and more and more and more blessings chase you down so that you have more to be appreciative and thankful about.

Feelings are a magnet. Law of attraction brings you more of how you feel. Changing your feelings are possible and necessary and doable today and right now.

Some people use “prayer” as that tool to change how they feel. There are many many tools out there to change how you feel. All those processes have one thing in common, it changes how you think and feel.

Prayer is a mind changing mechanism, as Rev Ike teaches. Prayer is the art of Believing, as Neville Goddard wrote.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Pretend it will come, be happy anyways, imagine that it already came, be appreciative anyways, be joyful no matter what – and all that you want and more will come every single day.

Pray in order to change how you feel and to feel happier. “Stay prayerful” in order to feel happier. Keep praying constantly (commune with the Spirit) and imagine that your prayers have been heard and relax knowing that it will all come at the right time.



These are very similar-seeming processes offered by Abraham-Hicks.

In a List of Positive Aspects, I list out the positive wanted qualities of a person, place, thing, or event.

In a Rampage of Appreciation, I list (think, write, or speak) things that I appreciate about a person, place, thing, or event.

Both kinda seem the same on the surface.

The difference, from my personal experience, is in how different it feels.

LOPA is a slightly lower process than a Rampage of Appreciation.

When I am doing a Lopa, there is some efforting going on. It feels a little bit like work as I am looking to find positive qualities in things.

When I do a Rampage of Appreciation, I just can’t help myself. It is like a flow of energy that surges out and I feel so much appreciation. It is a flood of energy.

It is more flowing out than trying to look for things to appreciate. It flows out with force and energy and enthusiasm and hype and excitement and joy and pleasure.

Lopa is not as strong in the feeling. At the lopa process, I am still searching for a way to feel good and raise my vibration. At the Rampage state, I am already at the highest vibration and the good feelings just pour out.



While studying the Creative Workshop by Abraham Hicks last nite, I realized that it is pretty much the same thing as Creative Visualization as taught by Shakti Gawain and Visualization (Theater of the Mind) as taught by Reverend Ike. Many teachers teach visualization and imagination techniques.

Abraham’s process is to do the creative workshop (creative thinking and imagining) after feeling really good (getting inside the vortex). It is also not a mind altered action. You are wide awake and alert while writing out how you imagine your life to be in all its detail.

Creative Visualization and Imagination techniques, on the other hand, are mind altered techniques. Usually you will close your eyes, quiet the mind, breathe deeply and slowly, enter the meditative state first and then imagine how you want things to be.

Other than that, they are the same thing. To use my mind to imagine how I want my life to be, in all its details.

Abraham’s Creative Workshop process can be likened to being a writer of fiction, except you are writing the story of your life as how you want it to be and see it to be.

You are the hero in your story, as Joseph Campbell reminds us. We use all the details we have found in our waking life and use them as ingredients to create our imagined life, which will soon enough become our real life. We borrow good elements from the people, places, and things we observe and use it for our own story about our life. How fun work is by observing someone having fun in their life. How great our relationship is by observing couples who are having tons of fun. How beautiful and well decorated our home is by observing other homes in magazines and videos. We imagine and write our story as we want it to be in the Creative Workshop process.

The Visualization and Imagination processes are similar except we just see them in our mind like a movie and we are the lead actor. We use all the positive details we have observed and bring it into our Theater of The Mind. These teachers recommend a meditative state first because a quiet mind is nonresistant as Abraham says. A meditative state is devoid of the usual worrisome and negative thoughts (resistance).

Abraham’s way to release resistance includes meditation, of course, and many processes that have to do with thinking better and appreciating. Thus when you are already in the vortex (feeling really good), you can do The Creative Workshop without having to enter a meditative state.

Very cool!