I have listened to this audio dozens of times and I find it to be very inspiring.

I want to deconstruct and explain what he did, in terms of law of attraction principles as taught by Abraham-Hicks.

A. Happy Activities

For 30 days, he made a plan to do activities that make him happy. He listed out things that make him happy and did them daily. He made a calendar to keep track and remind himself to do this.


By doing this, he kept himself at the high vibration of happy.

The top three vibrational levels are what get us “into the vortex.” Emotions are indicators of vibration.

The top three vibrational levels feel like:

1. Joy, Love, Appreciation, Empowered, Knowledge, Freedom

2. Passion

3. Eagerness, Enthusiasm, Happiness

Feel happy and you are “in the vortex.” Feel appreciation, love, passion, etc and you are “in the vortex.”

The Vortex is the vibrational reality where all your desires exist and where your Inner Being hangs out at.

Explained another way, Source is always unconditionally loving and joyful and happy.

When we feel the same emotions, we are vibrationally hanging out at the same levels as Source.

That is why folks say that God is unconditional love and that The Buddhas are unconditionally loving and compassionate. Or how saints and monks are loving and blissful. Angels are loving and compassionate. Ascended masters are love, etc.

Source, by definition, is infinite and limitless in all ways. Well being, abundance, prosperity, and everything pure and beautiful exists at the highest vibrations.

Source and our Inner Being, aka our Spiritual Counterpart, is hanging out at the high vibrations and we must match it with our feelings and emotions.

When one chooses to think thoughts and do activities that make him feel love, joy, passion, and happiness, he is at the highest levels of vibration and by definition, allowing abundance to come to him.

We can do this because we are Spirit living as Human Beings. We have the same creative powers as Source because Source is in us, but just dialed down to a Physical Environment where there is Space and Time. So things in the Physical reality can take some time whereas in the NonPhysical reality, things happen instantaneously.

Basically, just be happy and everything will work out. Be appreciative. Be joyful on purpose.

B. Thank You Letter

He wrote a thank you letter in advance for all the wonderful things that happened to him over the course these 30 days.

He imagined he was sitting in the hotseat at the Abraham seminar and was telling his success story and thanking Abraham.

He read the letter twice a day, imagined that all those things happened, and remained satisfied.


This is similar to Abraham’s Scripting Process.

By going into the future and pretending it already happened, he is living in that reality in this current moment.

“There is no split vibration” as Abraham explains because he is thinking as if those things already happened and feeling happy and satisfied.

He is not wondering how or when it will come, both of which are the vibrations of doubt, worry, frustration, and impatience. Those lower vibrations hold creations away.

We must picture as if it already happened and feel happy and excited and satisfied first before it comes.

He had specific desires but did not go too specific. He wanted to go into business with his friend, meet the love of his life, and lose weight without doing anything different. All those things happened as is he is now telling the story 60 days later. He did not say, I want this specific job or I want this specific woman.

And he mentions that when he did the things to stay happy every day, he wasn’t doing it to get his desires. That would assume that the desires hadn’t come yet, which would keep the desires from coming. He pet the cat just because it made him happy, not to lose weight.



1. Love/Joy/Appreciation ………………………….. 22. Powerlessness


Upstream ————————->

Using the Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale, Downstream means going towards feeling a better emotion from what I feel now, until I reach the top vibration of Love, Appreciation, Joy, Empowered, Knowledge.

Upstream means going the other way, feeling a worse emotion than I now feel until I reach the lowest vibration of Powerlessness. This is known as negative thinking or automatic negative thinking in therapy circles.

The natural flow of Source is to feel good and happy, aka unconditional love.

The only thing that stops a person from going automatically to the top vibration of Love is by thinking negative-feeling thoughts.

No thinking = automatically feel good and raise vibration = going downstream. ie: Meditation

Purposefully thinking positive-feeling thoughts = raise vibration = going downstream.

Purposefully taking positive-feeling actions = raise vibration = going downstream.

Purposefully watching, reading, listening to positive-feeling media, or being around uplifters = raise vibration = going downstream.



Letting emotions be your guide is what Abraham-Hicks recommends. Feeling happy is the key.

If the topic feels good.

If the topic feels bad.

1. Money
Emotion: Feels bad.
Don’t think about it.

2. Health
Emotion: Feels good.
Think about it.

3. Music
Emotion: Feels good.
Think about it.

4. Houseplants
Emotion: Feel good.
Think about it.

5. Burritos
Emotion: Feel good.
Think about it.

6. Kale Smoothies
Emotion: Feels bad.
Don’t think about it.

7. Illness
Emotion: Feels bad.
Don’t think about it.

8. Disease
Emotion: Feels bad.
Don’t think about it.

9. A Memory about Being Young & Energetic
Emotion: Feels good
Think about it.

10. A Memory about Being Young & Energetic
Emotion: Feels bad
Don’t think about it.

Any topic that feels bad is lowering vibration.

Even if someone wants Money, just by thinking about it and if it feels bad, Money is moving further away. The more they think about it and work on it, it is lowering their vibration and they are activating Lack rather than Abundance.

Instead, they can think about something they Love and makes them Happy. They can Appreciate things.

By definition, the vibrations of Love, Happiness, and Appreciation are high, so things will work out them as they keep thinking about Burritos, Music, and Happy Memories, even if what they want is Money.

This is because Abundance is the way of the world. High Vibration = Abundance.

The only thing that creates Lack is Low Vibration. The only thing that lowers vibration is negative-feeling thoughts. High Vibration is Abundant in all categories.

If the negative-feeling topic of Money (or another negative-feeling topic) comes up every day though, then they can feel happy first using whatever methods at their disposal, then work on thinking better-feeling thoughts about Money (reframe it, EFT, Abe Processes, CBT, The Work).

1. Meditate.
2. Think about something else that is a happy thought.
3. Chant mantras (OM MANI PADME HUM).
4. Focus on Body Awareness or Breath Awareness.
5. Distractions that feel good (movies, shows, audio programs, music, games, cooking, gardening, exercise, writing, reading, making things, etc).

If it feels good, think it, write it, speak it, do it, eat it, drink it, or be around it.

If it feels bad, don’t think it, write it, speak it, do it, eat it, drink it, or be around it.



1. Wake

2. Become happy.

3. Stay feeling happy.

4. Something may knock me off the high vibrations (being happy). Make a note of it for later. If it only happens once, forget about it. If it bothers me daily, work on it by changing the way I feel about it by thinking better thoughts (reframe it). Work on these things when I am already feeling good, not when feeling bad.

5. Get back to feeling happy.

6. Sleep



Abraham-Hicks’ explanation of how thoughts turn to things, as I understand it currently.

Ask = Desire (Think) + Belief (Feel)

Source Answers.

Allow = Through someone else or myself.


There is usually a time delay between asking and receiving. It helps if one person asks and another person allows (student & teacher, two friends chatting, person and mentor, question asker and Esther, question asker and book, etc).

The same person who asks the question can allow the answer too by not thinking of the question any longer, distracting themself with other thoughts and activities, being happy, and letting time pass. Switching from asking mode to allowing mode.


Jerry Hicks had a million questions about how things work and searched far and wide (books, ouija board, teachers, life experience, Theo, Think and Grow Rich, etc). He thought about it often and received answers throughout his life and he believed answers were possible especially when he had the ouija board experience.

Source Answers.

Esther Hicks allowed Abraham through her to answer Jerry’s questions because she was generally happy and didn’t think many thoughts. She was in the allowing mode.

Jerry received his answers through his wife Esther, because he was also on a matching frequency of being generally happy and feeling positive emotions.


Millions of people had many spiritual questions similar to Jerry.

Source Answers.

Esther allows Abraham through her, starting in 1985.

People receive answers to their metaphysical questions through various Abraham books, seminars, cruises, youtube videos, audio mp3s, videos, etc.

I received Abraham in 2008.


Thousands (millions?) of people asked for a diy, simple, easy, fast, effective, free, self-help technique that could take care of nearly every condition, based on the premise that negative emotion caused by past memories are the cause of nearly all issues.

Source answers.

Gary Craig allowed a modality known as EFT which he crafted and upgraded, based on the work of other energy healing pioneers.

I received this modality into my life in 2008 through someone else who had experience with it and told me about it.

Millions of people worldwide also benefit from this technique as they also ask and receive. Some have yet to hear of this technique. Some of course don’t believe in it, so it doesn’t work for them, and may discover other methods that do work for them.

Gary was also Asking and Receiving as well because he wanted a system that worked efficiently and fast for his clients. He created (received) this technique in 1995. He learned it from Dr. Roger Callahan who developed Thought Field Therapy in 1979 by helping one of his patients tap on her water phobia.

Dr. Roger Callahan created the technique by his knowledge of the Traditional Medicine acupuncture points and meridians, which was created in the 3rd century bc (~2200 years ago).


Millions of people worldwide, including me, were asking for a faster, easier, more efficient, reliable way to purchase products with a company obsessed with customer service.

Source answers.

Jeff Bezos created in 1995, leveraging the internet.


I “received” Amazon in 2007 and have been delighted ever since.

Some received Amazon before me, some have yet to use Amazon. Depending on their desires and beliefs, some may not even like Amazon as they prefer something else.




Focusing on manifesting a specific desire like a job, house, money, mate, vacation, or car. Thinking of it, believing it already came, visualizing it, imagine having it, affirming it, etc.


Focusing on manifesting a happy feeling and letting things that match that emotion show up. Feeling happy using whatever method and staying happy and letting law of attraction bring manifestations that match happy.



What a fantastic day. And it is just getting started. I feel absolutely wonderful and I am super appreciative and happy about that.

Really great sleep. Went to sleep feeling happy. Woke up feeling happy. That is my favorite all time thing, to be in the vortex before sleep, have happy dreams, and wake up in the vortex, as Abraham-Hicks says.

Today’s agenda:

– Walk on treadmill. Easy. Light work. Fun. Think good feeling thoughts and focus and imagine happy scenarios while my body glides easily and enjoyably on the treadmill. (Oh yah, I am also super looking forward to drinking this dragon fruit caffeine drink that I have mixed up in my water jug. Life is good!)

– Yoga. My flexibility has gotten infinitely better since I started. I love stretching my body, spine, muscles, and fascia. This is the most limber i have ever felt and it is getting better every single day.

– Cook some delicious gyros. I’ve been eyeing those bad boys in the fridge.

– Digest those tasty gyros easily and effortlessly and enjoyably because food is my friend, my digestion is strong and healthy, and my metabolism is super strong and healthy. My body is fantastic and healthy and strong and I love to eat what I love.

And then I do things that make me happy, keep me happy, and stay happy, while thinking happy thoughts and imagining pleasing scenarios.

All of this is easy. And fun. And awesome. And simple. I love deliberately creating my life by thinking good thoughts so that I can feel happy and then let life bring me more things that match how I feel.

My life is bountiful, happy, pleasing, and joyful and I am appreciative of every moment of it.

Song of the day that I have been playing on loop since discovering it last nite when I asked my Alexa Echo Dot to play some happy songs from the 90s:



Ask – Believe – Receive

Desire – Belief – Allow

Ask – Believe – Give Thanks

Ask – Believe – Appreciate

Ask – Believe – Be Happy

Ask – Believe – Rejoice

Want it – Have it in Mind – Happy Before It Comes

Think – Imagine – Feel Good

Think – Pretend – Get Excited

Think – Affirm – Be Happy

Think – Think Repeatedly That I have it – Be Joyful

Think – Think About Other Things That Came – Be Thankful

Think – Think About How Others also got what they wanted – Do Things I Love

Think about what I want – think about anything else that makes me happy – be happy

Don’t think about it – think about other things that make me happy – feel food

Don’t think – Don’t think – Feel Good

Think about what I want – Imagine already having it – Be happy and excited about having gotten it

Deliberate Creation = Thinking about what I want and thinking repeatedly like I already have what I want or ignoring the topic and thinking of other things.

Allowing Mode = Positive Emotions

Feeling good is more important than thinking. The only purpose of thinking is to feel good.

Every day, figure out a way and put effort into feeling happy, appreciative, joyful, love, passionate.

In other words, be “happy for no reason” and “love what is”. Rejoice for self and others and always. It is all about emotions and feeling good first and by any means.



I got a chance to once again use my acupressure mat today after many years.

The first few minutes of laying on the spikes were challenging (!), but after that my body felt warm and wonderful and relaxed.

I am glad that the acumat exists and they are affordable. It is a simple way to relax my body and to release endorphins. And the mat also stimulates a bunch of my acupuncture points too, so that is a plus.



I am excited and appreciative that I got my walk in on the treadmill today and followed it up with a tremendous session of yoga. Body feels fantastic and loose and limber. I am happy.